Version history

The table lists the most important changes from one version to the next (outdated results for reference).
  • Data from SOCAT v2021
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena CarboScope inversion sEXTALL_v2021
  • Land/ocean fractions now calculated from "Earth2014" (Hirt and Rexer, 2015) surface cover classification (small differences at land below sea level)
  • Different data sets used for driver quantities:
    • SST from HadleyEN
    • sea-level pressure from JRA55-do rather than corrected surface pressure from NCEP
    • wind speed from JRA55-do rather than NCEP
  • Fraction of ice-free ocean now using absolute values, not divided by maximum any more
  • Added "spin-up data" before valid period to stabilize initial transient (pCO2 data copied to initial year 1951, shifted by temporal change in atmospheric pCO2 scaled by 0.93)
  • new treatment of initial condition in budget eqn. on calculating a-priori mixed-layer carbon
  • Data from SOCAT v2020
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena inversion sEXTALL_v2020
  • The spatial resolution has been refined to 2.5 degrees longitude * 2 degrees latitude (grid "2Hx2"; the grid structure is also more conventional now, with a grid cell boundary at 180W -- see the coordinate values in the NetCDF file)
  • The time period has also been extended into the past, now starting in 1957. This has been achieved by
    • using the decadal flux trend from the data-driven OCIM model by deVries et al as decadal prior;
    • using a hybrid algorithm, first performing a multi-linear regression against long-term available environmental drivers, and then adding a correction from an auto-regressive interpolation similar to the algorithm used so far.
    All these changes will be described in detail in a paper to be submitted soon.
  • Data from SOCAT v2019
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena inverion sEXTALL_v4.3
  • Sea ice concentration "" (downloaded 2019-03-12) from
    H. A. Titchner and N. A. Rayner:
    The Met Office Hadley Centre sea ice and sea surface temperature data set, version 2: 1. Sea ice concentrations
    J. Geophys. Res. Atmos. 119, 2864-2889 (2014) doi: 10.1002/2013JD020316.
  • SST "" from
    B. Huang, P. W. Thorne, V. F. Banzon, T. Boyer, G. Chepurin, J. H. Lawrimore, M. J. Menne, T. M. Smith, R. S. Vose, and H.-M. Zhang:
    NOAA Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST), Version 5.
    NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (2017). doi:10.7289/V5T72FNM [accessed 2019-08-02]
  • Data from SOCAT v6
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena inverion sEXToc_ATM0_v4.2
  • Data from SOCAT v5
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena inverion s85_v4.1
  • Data from SOCAT v4
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena inverion s85_v3.8
  • Longer spin-up/down periods both before and after the data-constrained period (if driver data do not cover the spin-up/down periods completely, their time series is extended with its seasonal cycle).
  • Data from SOCAT v3
  • Atmospheric pCO2 field from Jena inverion s81_v3.7
  • Slight change in numerical solver of the budget equation: History flux now dynamically included
  • Data updated to SOCAT v2
  • Period extended to end of 2011