Set-up specifications

Std22+ For more recent changes, see the version history
Std21 Similar to Std19ro, but changed prior fluxes and uncertainties:
  • The prior flux of all land NEE components is zero.
  • The a-priori uncertainties of NEE are proportional to the fraction of vegetated land area in each pixel taken as the sum of "crop", "dbf", "dnf", "ebf", "enf", "grass", and "shrub" fractions from SYNMAP (Jung et al., 2006).
  • The fossil fuel emission prior is taken from monthly values of CDIAC (Andres et al., 2016). The years after 2013 have been extrapolated by global scaling factors based on the ratios in the emission totals from the GCP carbon budget (e.g., Le Quéré et al., 2017).
See [Rödenbeck et al., BG (2018a)] for more details.
Std20 (skipped)
Std19ro As Std18ro, but updated fossil fuel emission prior:
EDGAR 4.2 (with FT2010 for 2009 and 2010, extrapolation based on BP global totals for 2011 and 2012, and 2%/yr increase afterwards). Categories used: 1A1a, 1A1c_2G, 1A2, 1A3a, 1A3b, 1A3d, 1A3c_e, 1A4, 1B2a, 2A, 2B_3, 2C, 4C_4D, 6C, 7A (i.e., all categories provided by EDGAR 4.2 except for 5A_C_D_F_4E = biomass burning).
Std18ro As Std18, but changed ocean prior flux and uncertainties: Constant ocean prior fluxes from ocean interior carbon inversion by Gloor et al. (2003) replaced by:
  • Long-term from ocean interior carbon inversion provided by Sara Michaloff-Fletcher ("//"): sum of the ocean uptake flux induced by the anthropogenic perturbation as compiled by Mikaloff-Fletcher et al. (2006), the preindustrial air-sea fluxes from Mikaloff-Fletcher et al. (2007), and the river fluxes of Jacobson et al. (2007).
  • Seasonality from Takahashi et al, (2002).
Only interannual variations are adjustable for ocean fluxes. (Ocean now identical to that of set-up Ana18 used for the 3D CO2 concentration fields)
Std18 As Std17, but:
  • Fossil fuel emissions replaced by EDGAR 4.0 (linearly extrapolated after 2005 using BP global totals).
  • Minor change in the values of a-priori uncertainties (now fully independent from period length).
Std17 Set-up similar to Std15, but slightly more rigid:
  • A-priori sigma for the non-seasonal land and ocean flux components reduced by a factor 2.83 (corresponding to a dampening μ = 8).
  • Length scales of a-priori spatial corrrelations increased by a factor 3 in longitude direction and by 1.5 in latitude direction.
  • Minor: Initial condition flux pulse at first time step only.
Std15 Standard set-up as documented in [Rödenbeck: Technical Report 6, 2005].