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    last update (by M. Werner):
    November 2005


    Common Model Input Data

    HadISST 1.1 Data Set
    Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Cover Data for the period 1870-2003.

    Isotope General Circulation Model Simulations

    All model simulation output files have been produced using the SWINGIO software tool (see README file contained in this software package for details on file and variable names).

    The different GCM model grids have been interpolated to a common 2x2 degree grid for comparison reason.
    • Experimet S1A :
      Climatology control run with prescribed SST from HadISST data set, mean of period 1980-1999, other boundary conditions set to 1980's value.

    • Experimet S1B :
      134-years simulation with varying SST from the HadISST data set, period 1870-2003, other boundary conditions set accordingly.

    Observational Isotope Data

    Global Network of Isotopes in Precipitation (GNIP)

    You may download 2 different GNIP datasets (MS-Excel spreadsheet format):

    (1) Arithmetic and weighted monthly means of oxygen-18, deuterium, deuterium excess, precipitation amount, surface air temperature and water vapour pressure calculated for the period 1961-2001 for stations having at least 3 years of information.

    (2) Arithmetic and weighted annual averages of oxygen-18, deuterium, deuterium excess, surface air temperature, precipitation amount and water vapour pressure calculated for individual years of the period 1961-2001.

    For more information about these 2 data files please refer to the IAEA Isotope Hydrology News Site.

    An older version of the GNIP database (Version 1.1) can also still be downloaded. For detailed information about this file please look at this IAEA GNIP page or the UW GNIP page.