May-2015, MDI gap-filling tool v1.4
ERA interim data update, downscaled meteo data now available for 1979-2014

Jun-2013, MDI gap-filling tool v1.3
Bugfixes and ECMWF data update (until 2012)

Jun-2011, MDI gap-filling tool v1.2
Three new variables included

Mar-2011, MDI gap-filling tool v1.1
Wind Speed included as a variable

Sep-2010, MDI gap-filling tool v1.0
First stable version of the tool up and running

Aug-2010, MDI gap-filling tool v0.1
A first version of the tool online

This meteo gap filling tool takes advantage of the re-analyzed meteorological fields provided by ECMWF. The local site conditions are related to the gridded spatial data from their ERA-Interim product. The mapping from grid to point is performed by multiple linear regression with the nearest nine pixels.

The service is provided for the following eight variables:

  • Air temperature
  • Global radiation
  • Vapor pressure deficit
  • Precipitation
  • Wind Speed
  • Longwave Radiation downward
  • Maximum air temperature
  • Minimum air temperature

Quality checks of calibration for all siteyears, e.g. for Global Radiation
Monthly means before processing
Monthly means after calibration
Rg before processing   Rg after processing