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Reforestation area
Plots with differing tree species diversity
Vegetation height variable

Latitude 51,28
Longitude 10,66
Elevation 293 m a.s.l.


  • Competition experiment
  • Meteorology
  • Soil parameters
  • Vegetation Pictures


Description, History

The site Mehrstedt is located at the north-western border of the Thuringian Basin, a relatively flat area, which is mainly used for agricultural production. It is one of the three BIOTREE sites, which are located in Thuringia, Germany, within a radius of 70 km.

The project directly addresses the need to extent functional biodiversity research to forest situations.

The permanent measuring station exists since 2003 and is located at a former military training ground.

The area was afforested with domestic/ indigenous tree species in different mixtures. There are 40 different parts with the size of 1 ha, parts of it get managed and others remain unmanaged.

The power of the station comes from a 230 V line connector near the cemetery of Mehrstedt.

The accessible 5 m high aluminium tower is built of ladder frame.

Measurements of concentration of CO2 and water vapour are stopped at the moment, but could be started any time.

Variables & Instruments


  • Wind velocity and wind direction - 2D-ultrasonic-anemometer, Thies
  • Wind velocity - cup anemometer A100R, Campbell Scientific
  • Wind direction - wind vane W200P, Vector Instruments
  • Air pressure - barometer
  • Air temperature and humidity - temperature-humidity-sensor HMP45D, Vaisala
  • Air temperatur at 2 m height - temperature sensor NTC, Campbell Scientific
  • Precipitation - heated tipping bucket rain gauge, Thies
  • Solar radiation - net radiometer CNR1, Kipp & Zonen
  • Terrestrial radiation - net radiometer CNR1, Kipp & Zonen
  • Photosynthetically active radiation - PAR sensor LI-190SA, LiCor

Soil conditions

  • Soil temperature in 2 profiles - soil temperature sensors PT100, home-made
  • Soil moisture in 6 postitions - soil moisture probes ML-2x, Delta-T
  • Soil heat flux in 5 locations - soil heat flux plates HP3/CN3, Rimco

Data acquisition

  • Meteorological data - datalogger CR23X, Campbell Scientific


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Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schulze, E. D., Don, A., Schumacher, J., Weller, E. (2007). Exploring the functional significance of forest diversity: A new long-term experiment with temperate tree species (BIOTREE). Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 9(2), 53-70. doi:10.1016/j.ppees.2007.08.002