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Enrico Tomelleri

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room: C1.012 (tower)
phone: +49 3641 576270
fax: +49 3641 577200
email: etomell(at)

PhD work:

I dealt with parameters inversion for biogeochemical models. In particular I've investigated carbon and nitrogen cycles in grassland, with a special consideration to their interaction with management practices. For doing this I used the process ecosystem model Biome--BGC. I modified it implementing routines for simulating harvesting and nitrogen fertilisation. Such modified version of the model was used for a parameter optimisation problem against eddy covariance datasets and to disectangle the adaptation processes to nitrogen fertilization using yield production records.

Research Interests:

In the future I would like to use the expertise I gained for:

i) exploration of further techniques for data model integration: I believe that modellers cannot do without experimentalists and these need modellers;
ii) investigation of a wider range of ecosystem types on a wider geographical area, because grasslands in Europe are very interesting but those aren´t the only ecosystem on this earth.
iii) probabilistic estimation of carbon fluxes from point to global scale.
iv) robust assessment of uncertainties in regional carbon flux model estimates by means of including the effect of model structure, model parameters and drivers.

Peer-reviewed Papers:

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