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Kendalynn Morris

PhD student
room: C1.020
phone: +49 3641 576205
email: kmorris(at)
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professional background | my work at BGI | Research interests | Publications

Professional background

since 2016 PhD student at MPI-BGC

2014/15 - Instructor, Microbiology, Utah State University

2014 - MS Ecology, Utah State University

2011/14 - Research Assistant, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA

2009/11 - Biological Science Technician, National Park Service, USA

2009 - BS Biology, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, USA

My work at BGI

  • Partitioning soil respiration
  • CUE of soil microbes
  • Activity of N and P acquiring enzymes

ongoing research projects at MPI-BGC
I am working on MANIP, investigating how nutrient availability effects the partitioning of soil respiration between plants and soil microbes, as well as the activity and expression of nutrient acquiring enzymes.


  • Morris, K.A., Stark, J.M., Bugbee, B., Norton, J.M. (2016) “The invasive annual cheatgrass releases more nitrogen than crested wheatgrass through root exudation and senescence”. Oecologia: 181, 971-983.→ PDF
  • Durso, A.M. and Morris, K.A. (2015) Agkistrodon contortrix laticinctus (Broad-banded Copperhead). Predation. Natural History Note. Herpetological Review: 46(4) 636.→ PDF
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