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Student opportunities

The BGC-MDI group has a strong commitment to undergraduate and graduate education. We offer student projects in terms of internships and opportunities for Bachelor, Master, Diploma, and PhD theses. Please have a look at our ongoing research projects and more importantly check if we have specific opportunities for students posted here . If you share our enthusiasm for one of these topics, feel free to contact the corresponding researcher(s) for more information.

A summary of ongoing, and completed student projects is listed below:

Bachelor theses


Andreas Vollrath Comparing eddy covariance and remote sensing data for the Hainich site.

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Kerstin Traut Untersuchungen zum Vergleich globaler Karten der terrestrischen Kohlenstoffverbreitung in der Vegetation

Remote sensing, University of Jena

Diploma/Master theses


Eric Thomas Reproducing FAPAR dynamics of Africa, based on climate, landuse, and soil data using random forest.

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Bernhard Ahrens Inverse modelling of soil carbon balances with 14C data.

Bayreuth University


Olaf Menzer Gaussian Process Regression for Uncertainty Estimation on Ecosystem Data

Bioinformatics, University of Jena


Jannis von Buttlar Data oriented spatio/temporal pattern recognition of ecosystem gas exchange data (FLUxnet)

Ecological modelling, Geoecology, University of Bayreuth


Sumalika Biswas Tree height and biomass retrieval from airborne and satellite LIDAR data.



Pawlok Dass Monitoring vegetation change in the Arctic tundra



Friedrich Angermueller Characterizing the variability of the hyperbolic light response curve parameters.

Ecological modelling, Geoecology, University of Bayreuth


Lina Fuerst Characterizing global spatiotemporal patterns of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation.

Ecological modelling, Geoecology, University of Bayreuth


Franz Kuglitsch Driving forces of water-use efficiency in Europe and their future changes due to various climate scenarios.

Physical Geography, University of Vienna

PhD theses


Martin Thurner Initialization and parameterization of process-based ecosystem models using Remote Sensing derived biomass information

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Matthias Forkel Model-data integration of earth observation data in ecosystem models

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Yogesh Kumkar? Carbon and Water relations from Ecosystem to Global scale



Jakob Zscheischler Application of machine learning tools onto biogeochemical data with a focus on causal inference methods, also part of the department of empirical inference at MPI for Intelligent Systems Tübingen

Homepage at MPI Tübingen


Altug Ekici? Land Surface-Atmosphere Feedbacks in High Latitude Permafrost Areas

Geography unit, University of Fribourg


Stefany Thiessen Analysis and modeling of soil carbon dynamics and the influence of microbial biomass in an experimental mesocosm design.

University of Jena


Ulrich Weber Biogeochemical Modeling Research embedded in the Carbo Africa model intercomparison (CAMIC).



Maarten Braakhekke Process oriented modelling of carbon and water fluxes in soils of terrestrial ecosystems on a global scale.

Earth system science group, Wageningen University


Anna Görner Comparison of different approaches to diagnostically model drought effects on biogeochemical cycles in Mediterranean Europe and Africa.

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Gitta Lasslop Model-data fusion for terrestrial biogeochemical models with carbon and water cycle observations.

MPI für Meteorologie, University of Hamburg


Miguel Mahecha Data mining of biogeochemical cycle data.

Land climate interactions, Dep. Environmental sciences, ETH Zürich



Thomas Brockmann (Visiting M.Sc. student) Pattern-oriented evaluation of global fire models.

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Bernhard Ahrens (Visiting student) Inverse modelling of soil carbon balances with 14C data.

University of Bayreuth


Matthias Forkel (Visiting M.Sc student) Data assimilation for biogeochemical models

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Nuno Carvalhais (Visiting PhD student) Parameter estimation and model structure evaluation.

Dep. of Environmental sciences, FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Marcel Urban (Visiting M.Sc student) Remote sensing data processing.

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Christian Berger (Visiting M.Sc student) Remote sensing data processing.

Remote sensing, University of Jena


Mirco Migliavacca (Visiting PhD student) Model optimization and remote sensing.

Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca


Pierre Brender (Visiting PhD student) Evaluating terrestiral biosphere model runs over Africa

LSCE, Paris


Thomas Kloss (Visiting B.Sc. student) Comparison of fAPAR products from different optical sensors

Remote sensing, University of Jena

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