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Michał Gałkowski

Postdoc in "Airborne trace gas measurements and mesoscale modelling" Group

Phone: + 49 364 157 6381
fax: + 49 364 157 7300

Research Focus:

I am interested mainly in the emission and transport of atmospheric greenhouse gases throughout the first part of their life, before they become a boring background signal which will slowly boil us all. I'm interested in both measurements and modelling. For the first part I'm using mostly in-situ techniques and methologies, for the second - a set of modelling tools including WRF, WRF-GHG, STILT and Hysplit. While trying to do both measurements and modelling is certainly challenging, I find that it gives a good perspective when trying to either explain the observed signals or to validate the modelled ones.

Curriculum Vitae:

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