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Annual Joint NDACC-IRWG & TCCON Workshop 2014

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May 12 (Mon)08:00-09:00Registration
 09:00-10:20Welcome, IRWG steering committee & database report, IRWG site reports
 10:20-10:50Coffee break
 10:50-11:55IRWG site reports (continued)
 12:00-13:15Lunch at main building
 13:30-14:45IRWG site reports (continued)
 14:45-15:15Coffee break
 15:15-16:15Poster session 1
 16:15-16:55Archive discussion, new species
 18:30-20:00Dinner at main building (optional)
May 13 (Tue)08:30-10:30Calibration cells, MUSICA, IASI
 10:30-11:00Coffee break
 11:00-11:55Spectroscopy, NORS
 12:00-13:15Lunch at main building
 13:30-15:00SFIT4, linelists, ACE validation
 15:00-15:30Coffee break
 15:30-16:30Poster session 2
 15:30-17:00Filter sets, AOB, AI list etc.
 18:30-20:00Dinner at main building (optional)
May 14 (Wed)08:30-09:55MIR/NIR topics
 09:55-10:30Coffee break
 10:30-11:55OCS, in situ and isotopic measurements
 12:00-13:15Lunch at main building
 13:30-15:20FTS Instrumentation
 15:20-15:50Coffee break
 15:50-17:45Emissions and Applications
 19:00-23:00Banquet dinner at Schloß Auerstedt (optional)
May 15 (Thu)08:30-09:55TCCON Direction and Applications
 09:55-10:30Coffee break & Posters
 10:30-12:05TCCON site reports/High latitude measurements
 12:10-13:25Lunch at main building
 15:30-16:00Coffee break & Posters
 16:00-18:00TCCON Discussions
 18:30-20:00Dinner at main building (optional)
May 16 (Fri)09:00-16:30:Excursion (optional)

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