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Annual Joint NDACC-IRWG & TCCON Workshop 2014

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Venue, Accomodation & Travel Information


The workshop will take place in the Hotel an der Therme, Bad Sulza, Germany. The hotel is located next to the Toskana Therme Bad Sulza which offers a variety of pools, sauna and spa facilities. So, don't forget your swimsuit!

Hotel an der Therme Bad Sulza
Rudolf-Gröschner-Straße 11
99518 Bad Sulza
Phone: +49 - 36 461 - 9 20 00
Fax: +49 - 36 461 - 9 20 02


A number of single and double rooms have been reserved at the Hotel an der Therme. Room prices are listed in Attendance Fee & Other Costs.

The hotel reception is open 24 hours.

Travel Information


Even though hotel and train tickets can be paid by credit card, you will need some cash to pay for the local host's meeting fee and the social events. Local bars, restaurants, and shops may also not accept credit cards.

The best place to get cash is probably at the airport. The banks at Bad Sulza will most likely not be able to exchange foreign currency. The ATMs at Bad Sulza may or may not work with your credit or bank card.

Getting to Bad Sulza

Bad Sulza is located in the state of Thuringia in the center of Germany, about 30 km north of Jena. It can easily be reached by train. The train station is in walking distance (about 700 m) from the Hotel an der Therme. Click on the map below for details.

Traveling by Car

The hotel has plenty of parking spots in the areas marked with a P in the map above. The charge for a parking spot is 1 EUR/day, a reservation is not necessary. You can tell us if you need a parking spot but the hotel cannot reserve a specific one for you.

Traveling by Train

Friday and Sunday, especially in the late afternoon, are the busiest times for traveling by train in Germany. Especially the long-distance trains (ICE or IC), e.g. from Frankfurt to Weimar, might be packed in 2nd class. The local trains (RB, RE) from Weimar to Bad Sulza should not be a problem. However, the local trains from Jena to Weimar/Erfurt can also be packed at times when many students go home for the weekend.

Tickets and Reservations

There are two types of fares: standard fare and savings fare. Savings fare tickets are cheaper but less flexible: they are only valid for the connection that you bought them for! Standard fare tickets are flexible: they are valid on any train along the route that you bought them for. If you bought a standard fare for a lower train class (IC) and travel in a higher train class (ICE), you can buy a supplement from the conductor in the train. I would recommend to buy a standard fare for your train from the airport. This way, you will be flexible if your flight should be delayed.

Reservations are not required but recommended for Sunday and Friday afternoon connections. They can only be bought for long-distance trains (ICE or IC).

Train tickets can be bought at any train station in Germany, for example at the airports. The counters and ticket machines take cash as well as cards. You can also buy tickets and reservations online by following the links below. An online ticket has to be linked to some form of ID card to make sure that only one person can use it. For most of you, linking to a credit card is probably the best choice. Please note that you have to carry exactly this card with you on the train - even if it should have expired by that time.

Train Connections to Bad Sulza

Airport Travel time Cost Change(s)
Frankfurt 3:30 67 EUR Weimar
Berlin Tegel 3:00 52 EUR Bus TXL to Berlin Hbf, Naumburg(Saale)
Berlin Schönefeld 3:15 50 EUR Berlin Südkreuz, Naumburg(Saale)
Munich 6:30 100 EUR München Pasing, Naumburg(Saale)

Train connections from major German airports to Bad Sulza. Please note that the other train station in Bad Sulza, Bad Sulza Nord, is much further away from the venue. Use the links to access the train schedule in English. Travel time, ticket price and changes may depend on the date and time of day. Ticket prices are quoted for one way 2nd class tickets (standard fare).

Train Connections from Jena

If you stay for the excursion on Friday, you would probably travel back from Jena. Please note that Jena has two train stations: trains to Frankfurt leave from Jena West, trains to Munich or Berlin leave from Jena Paradies. Most of these trains go directly to the respective main station (Hauptbahnhof) in Munich or Berlin.

Airport Travel time Cost Change(s)
Frankfurt 3:15-3:45 72 EUR Erfurt or Weimar
Berlin Tegel 3:00 63 EUR Bus TXL from Berlin Hbf
Berlin Schönefeld 3:00 63 EUR Berlin Südkreuz
Munich 4:45-6:00 90 EUR München Hbf or München Pasing, sometimes Nürnberg

Train connections from Jena to major German airports. Use the links to access the train schedule in English. Travel time, ticket price and changes may depend on the date and time of day. Ticket prices are quoted for one way 2nd class tickets (standard fare).

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