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Antje Maria Moffat

room: C2.012 (tower)
phone: +49 3641 576220
fax: +49 3641 577200
email: amoffat(at)

Research Interests:

Biosphere Atmosphere Interactions,
Interpretation of Eddy Covariance Measurements,
Ecosystem Physiology

Ecological Data Mining, Inductive Modeling,
Artificial Neural Networks

FluxLetter Interview (Vol1. No2. May, 2008):

Link to Gap Filling Comparison Homepage:

Gap Filling Comparison Homepage


Moffat, A.M. (2012) A new methodology to interpret high resolution measurements of net carbon fluxes between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. Doctoral Thesis, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena.

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Keenan, T.F., Davidson, E.A., Moffat, A.M., Munger, W. and Richardson, A.D. (2012) Using model-data fusion to interpret past trends, and quantify uncertainties in future projections, of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling. Global Change Biology, first published online 18 April 2012, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2012.02684.x.

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Tautenhahn, S., Heilmeier, H., Jung, M., Kahl, A., Kattge, J., Moffat, A.M. and Wirth, C. (2012) Beyond distance-invariant survival in inverse recruitment modeling: A case study in Siberian Pinus sylvestris forests. Ecological Modelling, 233, 90-103.

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Moffat, A.M., Beckstein, C., Churkina, G., Mund, M. and Heimann, M. (2010) Characterization of ecosystem responses to climatic controls using artificial neural networks. Global Change Biology. 16, 2737–2749.


Eugster, W., Moffat, A.M., Ceschia, E., Aubinet, M., Ammann, C., Osborne, B., Davis, P.A., Smith, P., Jacobs, C., Moors, E., Le Dantes, V., Bèziat, P., Saunders, M., Jans, W., Grünwald, T., Rebmann, C., Kutsch, W.L., Czerný, R., Janous, D., Moureaux, C., Dufranne, D., Carrara, A., Magliulo, V., Di Tommasi, P., Olesen, J.E., Schelde, K., Olioso, A., Bernhofer, C., Cellier, P., Larmanou, E., Loubet, B., Wattenbach, M., Marloie, O., Sanz, M.-J., Sogaard, H. and Buchmann, N. (2010) Management effects on European cropland respiration. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 139, 346–362.


Richardson, A.D., Mahecha, M.D., Falge, E., Kattge, J., Moffat, A.M., Papale, D., Reichstein, M., Stauch, V.J., Braswell, B.H., Churkina, G., Kruijt, B. and Hollinger. D.Y. (2008) Statistical properties of random CO2 flux measurement uncertainty inferred from model residuals. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148, 38-50.


Desai, A.R., Richardson, A.D., Moffat, A.M., Kattge, J., Hollinger, D.Y., Barr, A., Falge, E., Noormets, A., Papale, D., Reichstein, M. and Stauch, V.J. (2008) Cross site evaluation of eddy covariance GPP and RE decomposition techniques. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148, 821–838.

Moffat, A.M., Papale, D., Reichstein, M.', Hollinger, D.Y., Richardson, A.D., Barr, A.G., Beckstein, C., Braswell, B.H., Churkina, G., Desai, A.R., Falge, E., Gove, J.H., Heimann, M., Hui, D., Jarvis, A.J., Kattge, J., Noormets, A. and Stauch, V.J. (2007) Comprehensive comparison of gap-filling techniques for eddy covariance net carbon fluxes.'' Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 147, 209–232.

Previous Work:

MacLeod, J.M., Moffat, A., Miwa, J. A., Mark, A. G., Mullins, G. K., Dumont, R. H. J., Constant, G. E., McLean, A. B. (2003) Two linear beetle-type scanning tunneling microscopes. Review of Scientific Instruments, 74, 2429-2437.
Miwa, J.A., MacLeod, J.M., Moffat, A., McLean, A.B. (2003) Rattling modes and the intrinsic vibrational spectrum of beetle-type scanning tunneling microscopes. Ultramicroscopy, 98, 43-49.
Lucas*, A. (2000) Design and Commissioning of a UHV-STM: Simplied Besocke Design for the Study of Nanowires, Thesis, University of Stuttgart. (* now Moffat)
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