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Chenwei Xiao

PhD student with the
Climate-ecosystem-disturbance interactions group

room: B3.26 (IT paradies)
phone: +49 3641 578911
fax: +49 3641 578911
email: cxiao(at)

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Research Interest:

  • Land-atmosphere interaction
  • Land surface modelling

Current Research:

I am contributing to the project about land management for ecosystem resilience, which is the capacity of individuals and ecosystems to maintain their functioning under disturbance. With the increased frequency and severity of extreme climate events under global warming, the risk of disturbance is also projected to increase. Several studies confirm the role of ecosystem composition and land cover and land use types in differing the impact from climate extremes, either by modifying the climate anomalies or the plant resilience itself. Understanding such interaction helps better mitigating potential incoming climate extreme events.

  • Understanding internal processes with observation data
  • Evaluating the ability of current state-of-art vegetation models to capture shifts in ecosystem resilience caused by land-use change

Past Research:

ETH Zurich
Mater thesis: Assessment of Atmospheric feedbacks from Biomass Heat Storage
Supervisors: Ronny Meier, Prof. Edouard Davin, Prof. Sonia Seneviratne



Conference Contribution

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