Max Planck Gesellschaft
Chunhui Zhan

PhD student with the
Hydrology Biosphere Climate Interactions group

room: ITP B3.26
phone: 8910

Research interests | Current Research | Past Research | Publications

Research Interest:

  • CO2 fertilization effect
  • Energy, carbon and water cycle

Current Research:

  • How does increasing CO2 influence the land-atmosphere exchange of carbon and water in response to soil and air dryness?

Past Research:

09.2017- 06.2020 MSc Nanjing University
3D Distribution of Canopy Sun-induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Based on LiDAR and in-situ Data

09.2013- 06.2017 BSc Beijing Normal University
Assessing the response of satellite sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence to the 2015-2016 Inner-Mongolia drought



Conference Contribution

Zhan, C., R. Orth, M. Reichstein, M. Migliavacca, S. Zaehle, and A. Winkler

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