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David Martini

PhD student at the Research group: Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Experimentation
room: C2.020 (tower)
phone: +49 3641 576209
email: dmartini(at)

Current project

I work on the TRuStEE Project (Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Modeling) which aims at better understanding and predicting ecosystem functions through a multidisciplinary approach that involves ecosystem modelling, plant physiology, remote sensing technologies and big data analysis.

My PhD Topic

In this PhD project I investigate the relationship between Ecosystem Functional Properties and sun-induced fluorescence in time and under different nutrient conditions.

I will work on the estimation of Ecosystem Functional Properties (EFPs) derived from the eddy covariance flux measurements and I will explore the predictability of EFPs using hyperspectral remote sensing information and Sun Induced Fluorescence (SIF). I will carry out the fieldwork in Majadas, Spain


• Developing a framework for the extraction of the EFPs from eddy covariance and chambers flux measurements

• Exploring the relationship between hyperspectral data and SIF with carbon fluxes and EFPs in different study sites

• Evaluating the potential of using SIF to predict photosynthetic CO2 uptake and/or transpiration and assessment of the factors affecting the relationship between fluxes and SIF


2014-2016: MSc in Forest and Nature Conservation, Wageningen University, the Netherlands

2016: Internship at University of Oxford, United Kingdom. Research on the relationship between leaf venation and photosynthetic and hydraulic performances.

2015-2016: Master Thesis student, Wageningen UR. Research on the influence of drought and fire on the photosynthetic performances of West African seedlings.

2009-2013: BA in Forest and Environmental Science, University of Turin, Italy

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