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Hui Yang

Postdoc at the Model-Data Integration

room: C1.004
phone: +49 3641 576249
email: huiyang(at)

Research interests | Current Research | Curriculum Vitae | Selected Publications

Research Interest:

  • Terrestrial carbon cycle and vegetation dynamic
  • The vertical and horizontal forest structure
  • Model-data fusion approaches

Current Research:

Work for the Project Office BIOMASS.

Curriculum Vitae:

  • 2020.12 – present: Postdoctoral researcher, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany
  • 2018.12 – 2020.11: Postdoctoral researcher, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, France
  • 2013.9 – 2018.6: Ph.D. in Physical Geography, Peking University, China
  • 2009.9 – 2013.6: B.S. in Statistics, Nankai University, China

Selected Publications


Yang, H., Ciais, P., Wigneron, J. P., Chave, J., Cartus, O., Chen, X., Lei, F., Green, J. K., Huang, Y., Joetzjer, E., Kay, H., Makowski, D., Maignan, F., Santoro, M., Tao, S., Liu, L., Yao, Y., Climatic and biotic factors influencing regional declines and recovery of tropical forest biomass from the 2015/16 El Niño. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(26), e2101388119, 2022.
Yang, H., Ciais, P., Wang Y., Huang, Y., Wigneron, J. P., Bastos, A., Chave, J., Chang, J., Doughty, E. C., Fan, L., Goll, D., Joetzjer, E., Li, W., Lucas, R., Quegan, S., Le Toan, T., Yu, K., Variations of carbon allocation and turnover time across tropical forests. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 00, 1-15, 2021.
Yang, H., Ciais, P., Chave, J., Huang, Y., Ballantyne, A. P., Yu, K., Berzaghi, F., Wigneron, J. P., Coarse woody debris are buffering mortality-induced carbon losses to the atmosphere in tropical forests. Environmental Research Letters. 16, 011006, 2021.
Yang, H., Ciais, P., Santoro, M., Huang, Y., Li, W., Wang, Y., Bastos, A., Goll, D., Arneth, A., Anthoni, P., Arora, V. K., Friedlingstein, P., Harverd, V., Joetzjer, E., Kautz, M., Lienert, S., Nabel, J. E. M. S., O'Sullivan, M., Sitch, S., Vuichard, N., Wiltshire, A., Zhu, D., Comparison of forest above-ground biomass from dynamic global vegetation models with spatially explicit remotely sensed observation-based estimates. Global Change Biology. 26, 3997–4012, 2020.
Liu, Y., Piao, S., Gasser, T., Ciais, P., Yang, H., Wang, H., Keenan, T. F., Huang, M., et al., Field-experiment constraints on the enhancement of the terrestrial carbon sink by CO2 fertilization. Nature Geoscience. 12, 809–814, 2019.
Gao, M., Piao, S., Chen, A., Yang, H., Liu, Q., Fu, Y. H., Janssens, I. A., Divergent changes in the elevational gradient of vegetation activities over the last 30 years. Nature Communications. 10, 2970, 2019.
Yang, H., Huntingford, C., Wiltshire, A., Sitch, S., Mercado, L., Compensatory climate effects link trends in global runoff to rising atmospheric CO2 concentration. Environmental Research Letters. 14, 124075, 2019.
Yang, H., Piao, S., Huntingford, C., Peng, S., Ciais, P., Chen, A., Zhou, G., Wang, X., Gao, M., Zscheischler, J., Strong but intermittent spatial covariations in tropical land temperature. Geophysical Research Letters. 46, 356-364, 2019.
Yang, H., Piao, S., Huntingford, C., Ciais, P., Li, Y., Wang, T., Peng, S., Yang, Y., Yang, D., Chang, J., Changing the retention properties of catchments and their influence on runoff under climate change. Environmental Research Letters. 13, 094019, 2019.
Yang, H., Huntingford, C., Brief Communication: Drought Likelihood for East Africa. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 18, 491-497, 2018.
Yang, H., Zhou, F., Piao, S., Huang, M., Chen, A., Ciais, P., Li, Y., Lian, X., Peng, S., Zeng, Z., Regional patterns of future runoff changes from Earth system models constrained by observation. Geophysical Research Letters. 44, 5540-5549, 2017.
Li, Y., Yang, H., Wang, T., MacBean, N., Bacour, C., Ciais, P., Zhang, Y., Zhou, G., Piao, S., Reducing the uncertainty of parameters controlling seasonal carbon and water fluxes in Chinese forests, and its implication for simulated climate sensitivities. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 31, 1344-1366, 2017.
Huntingford, C., Yang, H., Harper, A., Cox, P. M., Gedney, N., Burke, E. J., Lowe, J. A., Hayman, G., Collins, W. J., Smith, S. M., Comyn-Platt, E., Flexible parameter-sparse global temperature time profiles that stabilise at 1.5 and 2.0 °C. Earth System Dynamics. 8, 617-626, 2017.
Yang, H., Piao, S., Zeng, Z., Ciais, P., Yin, Y., Friedlingstein, P., Sitch, S., Ahlström, A., Guimberteau, M., Huntingford, C., Levis, S., Levy, P. E., Huang, M., Li, Y., Li, X., Lomas, M. R., Peylin, P., Poulter, B., Viovy, N., Zaehle, S., Zeng, N., Zhao, F., Wang, L., Multicriteria evaluation of discharge simulation in Dynamic Global Vegetation Models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 120, 7488-7505, 2015.
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