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Kristina Luus

Postdoc at MPI Biogeochemistry'
Visiting Researcher at Trinity College Dublin
Room: C3.002a (tower)
Email: kluus(at)

Research Focus:

Modeling the responses of terrestrial ecosystems to elevated [CO2]

Research Interests:

The central goal of my research is to understand the responses of terrestrial ecosystems to changing environmental conditions. I have previously focused on modeling deforestation, assessing changes over time in pan-arctic ecosystems using remote sensing observations, and improving model estimates of the high-latitude carbon cycle. I am now interested in understanding the responses of terrestrial ecosystems to elevated [CO2]. I hope to gain insights into these processes by analyzing and modeling observations from the Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiments.

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

Luus, KA and Lin JC (2015) The Polar Vegetation Photosynthesis and Respiration Model (PolarVPRM): a parsimonious, satellite data-driven model of high-latitude CO2 exchange, Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 8: 979-1027.


Luus KA, Gel Y, Lin JC, Kelly REJ and Duguay CR (2013) Pan-Arctic linkages between snow accumulation and growing-season air temperature, soil moisture & vegetation, Biogeosciences, 10: 7575-7597.


Luus KA, Kelly REJ, Lin JC, Humphreys ER, Lafleur PM and Oechel WC (2013) Modeling the influence of snow cover on low Arctic net ecosystem exchange, Environmental Research Letters: Focus on Cryospheric Ecosystems, 8: 035045.


Luus KA, Lin JC, Kelly REJ and Duguay CR (2013) Subnivean Arctic & sub-Arctic net ecosystem exchange (NEE): Towards representing snow season processes in models of NEE using cryospheric remote sensing, Progress in Physical Geography, 37 (4): 484-515.


Luus KA, Robinson DT and Deadman PJ (2013) Representing ecological processes in agent-based models of land use and cover change. Journal of Land Use Science, 8 (2): 175-198.


Publications, according to Google Scholar


09/2013-current Postdoc, MPI for Biogeochemistry, Germany
05/2013-08/2013 Lecturer, University of Waterloo, Canada
09/2009-05/2013 PhD, University of Waterloo, Canada
05/2009-06/2009 Research Intern, Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Germany
09/2007-08/2009 MSc, University of Waterloo, Canada
09/2003-04/2007 BSc, Dalhousie University, Canada
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