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Michael Rzanny

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Professional background | Actual Projects at BGI | Research interests | Publications

Professional background

since 2017   Postdoc at Department Biogeochemical Integration, MPI-BGC, Jena

Flora Incognita

2014 - 2017  Postdoc at Emeritus Group Carbon Balance and Ecosystem Research, MPI-BGC, Jena

Flora Incognita

2012 - 2014  Scientist at Department of Forest Sciences, TU Dresden, Tharandt

Impact of management strategies on naturaless and biodiversity of lowland beech forests

2008 - 2014  PhD student at Friedrich Schiller University, Jena

Functional groups of grassland arthropods - a tool to scale up ecological communities

Actual Projects at BGI

Flora Incognita - Interactive Plant Species Identification with Mobile Devices

Research Interests:

  • Automated species mapping
  • Species distribution modeling
  • Automated image classification
  • Large scale plant - environment relationships
  • Ecosystem models - from functional traits to functional groups
  • Effects of forest management strategies on communities in lowland beech forests


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