Max Planck Gesellschaft

Miguel Mahecha

Scientist, Leader of the research group: Empirical Inference of the Earth System
room: C3.011 (tower)
phone: +49 3641 576265
fax: +49 3641 577200
email: mmahecha(at)

For latest news, please visit my research group website: Empirical Inference of the Earth System

Current research Interests:

  • Intrinsic functioning of terrestrial ecosystems:
    • Empirical description of cross relationships in biogeochemcial fluxes (FLUXNET)
    • Quantifying unconfounded sensitivities of ecosystem fluxes
    • Performance evaluation of land surface models
  • Biogeography and ecosystem functioning:
    • Value of macroecological approaches in the analysis of ecosystem functioning (incl. trait data, functional diversity)
    • Role of plant traits and functional diversity in biogeochemical cycles
  • Climate extremes and ecosystem functioning:
    • Detection and attribution of extremes in local and global land monitoring data
    • Exploring how ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes and ecosystem functioning change under climate extremes
  • Methodological aspects:
    • Time series analysis: spatiotemporal environmental data
    • Nonlinear dimensionality reduction (e.g. for vegetation data, remote sensing data)
    • Extrapolation (e.g. upscaling plant traits for Europe)
    • Unsupervised classification & novelty detection

Actual projects:

BACI: "Detecting changes in essential ecosystem and biodiversity properties - towards a Biosphere Atmosphere Change Index" is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (2015-2019); Scientific coordination of the consortium.

CAB-LAB: "The Coupled Atmosphere Biosphere virtual LABoratory project CAB-LAB " funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) (2015-2017); Scientific coordination of the consortium.

GEOCARBON, Responsible for component 1: Collecting, harmonizing and synthesizing global carbon observations. Are you searching the up- or download form? Please visit our data exchange portal; Component coordination.

In open access review:

+Ilie, I., Dittrich, P., Carvalhais, N., Jung, M., Heinemeyer, A., Migliavacca, M., Morison, J.I.L., Sippel, S., Subke, J.-A., Wilkinson, M. and Mahecha, M.D. Reverse engineering model structures for soil and ecosystem respiration: the potential of gene expression programming. Geoscientific Model Development - Discussions, doi:10.5194/gmd-2016-242.
+Flach, M., Gans, F., Brenning, A., Denzler, J., Reichstein, M., Rodner, E., Bathiany, S., Bodesheim, P., Guanche, Y., Sippel, S., and Mahecha, M.D. Multivariate Anomaly Detection for Earth Observations: A Comparison of Algorithms and Feature Extraction Techniques. Earth System Dynamics - Discussions, doi:10.5194/esd-2016-51.
Mahecha, M.D., Gans, F., Sippel, S., Donges, J.F., Kaminski, T., Metzger, S., Migliavacca, M., Papale, D., Rammig, A., Zscheischler, J., Detecting impacts of extreme events with ecological in-situ monitoring networks. Biogeosciences - Discussions, doi:10.5194/bg-2017-130.
+Zscheischler, J., Mahecha, M.D., Avitabile, V., Calle, L., Carvalhais, N., Ciais, P., Gans, F., Gruber, N., Hartmann, J., Herold, M., Ichs, K., Jung, M., Landschützer, P., Laruelle, G.G., Lauerwald, R., Papale, D., Peylin, P., Poulter, B., Ray, D., Renier, P., Rödenbeck, C., Roman-Cuesta, R.M., Schwalm, C., Tramontana, G., Tyukavina, A.T., Valentini, R., van der Werf, G., West, T.O., Wolf, J.E., and Reichstein, M. An empirical spatiotemporal description of the global surface-atmosphere carbon fluxes: opportunities and data limitations. Biogeosciences - Discussions, doi:10.5194/bg-2016-427.

Publications in Journals:

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Papers in edited volumes:

Mahecha, M.D., Lange, H. and Lischeid, G. (2011) Long-term structures in southern German runoff data. In Kropp, J.P, and Schellnhuber, H.J. (eds.) In Extremis: Disruptive Events and Trends in Climate and Hydrology, 251-266. Springer, Heidelberg-Berlin. 
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Other publications

Mahecha, M.D., Reichstein, M., Carvalhais, N., Jung, M. (2011) FRINGES-Frascati Initiative on Global Empirical analysis of the Biosphere in Earth System. iLEAPS Newsletter, 11, 40-41. 
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Favorit vascular plant species: Dugandiodendron mahechae (Lozano).

Bernd Rendel Prize in Geoscience 2008, by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


Exploring the Earth System Data Cube,\\ an ESA supported workshop hosted by Miguel D. Mahecha et al.

Fifth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science (DMESS 2014),
at the ICCS 2014: “Big Data meets Computational Science” convened by: Forrest M. Hoffman, Jitendra Kumar, J. Walter Larson, and Miguel D. Mahecha

Fourth Workshop on Data Mining in Earth System Science (DMESS 2013),
convened by: Forrest M. Hoffman, Jitendra Kumar, J. Walter Larson, and Miguel D. Mahecha

Third Worskhop on Data Mining in Earth System Science (DMESS 2012),
convened by: Forrest M. Hoffman, Jitendra Kumar, J. Walter Larson, Richard Tran Mills, and Miguel D. Mahecha



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