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Naixin Fan

PhD Student
phone: 6278

professional background | my work at BGI | Research interests

Professional background

2013.09-2015.10 M.S. in Earth Sciences, Dartmouth College, USA

2009.09-2013.06 Bachelor in Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

My work at BGI

  • Environmental controls of ecosystem turnover times.

Research Interests:

  • Carbon cycle is not only an indicator but also a contributor to global climate change. If think of earth as a person, she breathes in her own pace and the intervention of both natural events and anthropogenic activities will have great impact on the pace, which leads to the change of atmospheric CO2, water vapor, CH4, etc. And terrestrial ecosystem serves as a buffer to those stimulus. I am interested in understanding the 'breathing pace' in regional and global scale and the response of terrestrial ecosystem to climatic changes and human impacts.

Other interests:

  • Hiking, Beer, Jazz, basketball, Tai Chi

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