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Former members, internships and guests

Name Position
Bernhard Ahrens Visiting student 03.-05.2010 (Inverse modelling of soil carbon balances with 14C data.) University of Bayreuth
now PhD student at Soil Biogeochemistry Group
Friedrich Angermueller MSc student (moved for a PhD to UFZ Leipzig)
Shanning Bao PhD Student and PostDoc at Model-Data Integration
Christian Beer Group Leader (now Associate professor at Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry Stockholm University)
Christian Berger Visiting M.Sc student 02.-04.2009 (Remote sensing data processing) Remote sensing, University of Jena
Simon Besnard Guest Scientist*@Wageningen University (moved to South Pole as Manager Climate Data Scientist, Amsterdam)
Verena Bessenbacher BSc student 11-2014 - 02-2015 (The Influence of atmospheric CO2 and climate change on fire - Analysis in a number of example regions in the tropics) at IMK-IFU in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Technician
Khelvi Biriukova Visiting PhD student 04th February until July 31 th 2019
Oliver Bley 12th September until ***
Paul Bodesheim Postdoc
Sven Boese PhD student
Maarten Braakhekke Postdoc (moved to Universiteit Utrecht)
Pierre Brender Visiting PhD student 03.-06.2008 (Evaluating terrestiral biosphere model runs over Africa) LSCE, Paris
Thomas Brockmann Visiting M.Sc. student 03.-02.2012 (Pattern-oriented evaluation of global fire models.) Remote sensing, University of Jena
Silvia Caldararu PostDoc (now at Department Biogeochemical Signals)
Nuno Carvalhais Visiting PhD student 03.-04.2009,04.-06.2008, 07.-08.2006 (Parameter estimation and model structure evaluation) Dep. of Environmental sciences, FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
now group leader Model-Data Integration group
Karel Castro Morales PostDoc (moved to FSU Jena)
Alexander Chuvstvin Visting Master Student 11-2020 - 03-2021
Nicolas Dalla Valle PhD student
Daniela Dalmonech PostDoc
Reik Donner Postdoc (moved to PIK)
Altug Ekici PhD student (GreenCyclesII: High-latitude ecosystem modelling)
Tarek El-Madany Post-Doc and Group Leader Biosphere-Atmosphere Experimentation and Interactions Group (moved to BGC Freiland)
Jan Engel Scientific Programmer (QUINCY project) (now at Department Biogeochemical Signals)
Adam Erickson Postdoc
Ali Fallah visiting PhD-student in HydroBioClim Group from 1st February 2019 until December 31th 2019
Milan Flach PhD student
Matthias Forkel Visiting M.Sc student 03.-04.2010, PhD student, Postdoc (moved to Remote Sensing research group at TU Wien)
Martina Franz PhD student
Lina Fuerst M.Sc. student (moved to student's office at University of Bayreuth)
Lorea Garcia San Martin visiting PhD-student in TBM group (August -October 2016)
Anna Goerner PhD student (now at TU-Dresden, previously coordinator of IMPRS-gBGC)
Hanna Graefen Bachelor Student
JinHong Guan Visiting Postdoc
Martin Gutwin Master student
Xinyuan Hou Bachelor student 1st April 2019 until August 31 th 2019
Angela Guenther literature research (moved within MPI to library team)
Olivia Hau Intern
Kathrin Henkel Lab and Field Technician (now at Department Biogeochemical Processes
Nikolai Huckle Internship 01.04. - 31.07.2016
Iulia Ilie PhD Student
Veruschka Jähnert Information assistant
Jean-Philippe Jenny Postdoc
Julia Joswig PhD student (moved to University of Zurich)
Sonja Kaiser PhD Student
Manos Kalomenopoulos PhD student
Melanie Kern PhD Student (now at Department Biogeochemical Signals)
Myroslava Khomik Postdoc on soils (moved to Clark University)
Thomas Kloss Visiting B.Sc. student 03.-04.2008 (Comparison of fAPAR products from different optical sensors) Remote sensing, University of Jena
Jürgen Knauer PhD student
Thijs Koelen PhD student
Christoph Köstler PostDoc
Ali Komail Master student
Guido Kraemer PhD Student (now PostDoc at Leipzig University)
Christopher Krich PhD Student
Josephin Kroll Bachelor Student (now at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Çağlar Küçük PhD Student (moved to Zentralanstalt fuer Meterologie und Geodynamik)
Yogesh Kumkar PhD student
Gitta Lasslop PhD student (moved for a Post-Doc to MPI for Meteorology Hamburg)
Junzhi Liu visiting Guest Scientist
Yunpeng Luo PhD Student
Kristina Luus Postdoc (FACE model-data intercomparison)
Xuanlong Ma visiting PostDoc (moved to Lanzhou University, China)
Linda Maack BGI Department Office (moved to Gotha Research Library)
David Martini PhD Student
Carla May MSc Student May 24, 2001 until February 28, 2022
Olaf Menzer Diploma Student (moved for a PhD to UC Santa Barbara)
Johannes Meyerholt PhD Student
Mirco Migliavacca Visiting PhD student 05.-06.2008 (Model optimization and remote sensing) Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca
now group leader Biosphere-Atmosphere Experimentation and Interactions Group
Antje Moffat Postdoc (moved to Thünen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture, Germany)
Kendalynn Morris PhD student
Catarina Moura PostDoc
Talie Musavi PostDoc (now at SMA development, Jena]
Stella Mutai PhD Student
Cristina Novara Visiting PhD Student
Sungmin O Postdoc (now at EWHA Womans University, Korea)
Bruna Oliveira visiting PhD student in BAE - Cost Action Optimise (Sept.12 th - 24 th 2016 )
Rocio Pérez Maseres EU Project Manager
Oscar Pérez Priego Postdoc
Philipp Porada Postdoc
Egor Prikaziuk Visiting PhD student (01.10.-30.11.2018)
Laura Recuero Pavón Visiting PhD student (09.01.-29.01.2017 and 01.08.-01.11.2017)
Steffen Richter Scientific Programmer now IT Administrator at BGC IT-Service-Group: ENABLING RESEARCH
Corinne Sacher moved to BGC grants team as BGC Third-party Coordinator
Torben Schick Master Student
Johannes Schubert Bachelor Student
Gregor Schuermann PostDoc (moved to ENERCON )
Franziska Schrodt PostDoc (Now at the University of Brighton)
Kerstin Sickel Programming
Ladislav Sigut Guest Scientist
Sebastian Sippel PhD student (now PostDoc at ETH Zurich )
Simon Spengler Visiting student 5th March 2018 until 8th June 2018
Xiaolu Tang Postdoc
Khalil Teber Guest Scientist from 1st March until 30th April 2020
Stefany Thiessen PhD student (soil mesocosm tracer experiments)
Martin Thurner PhD student (now at Stockholm University)
Tea Thum PostDoc (now at Finnish Meteorological Institute)
Eric Thomas Technical Assistant
Enrico Tomelleri PostDoc (moved to EUR.AC, Institute for applied remote sensing, Italy)
Tina Trautmann Internship 26.05. - 31.07.2015 (Analysis and evaluation of modelled snow dynamics based on GlobSnow products), now PhD student in Global Diagnostic Modelling Group
Marcel Urban Visiting M.Sc student 02.-04.2009 (Remote sensing data processing) Remote sensing, University of Jena
Enrico Weber Scientific Assistant (now at Department Biogeochemical Signals)
Andreas Vollrath Bachelor student (moved to ESA Frascati)
Jannis von Buttlar PhD student
Birgitta Wiehl Departmental secretary
Xiuchen Wu PostDoc (moved to LSCE France)
Hye In Yang PhD Student (now at Department Biogeochemical Signals)
Lin Yu PostDoc
Sönke Zaehle Group Leader (now Director at Department Biogeochemical Signals)
Jakob Zscheischler PhD Student, later PostDoc (Now at the ETH Zürich)
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