Max Planck Gesellschaft
Philipp Morgen

Intern with the
Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Experimentation

room:C2.010 (tower)
phone:+49 3641 576247

Research interests | What I do in my freetime | Publications

Research Interests:

  • I work with Soil samples and their contents.
  • I'm going to start of working in the lab, preparing samples etc.
  • A bit later in my Internship I'll switch to more data analysis focused work.

What I do in my freetime:

I very much enjoy making and listening to music. Mostly RnB and Hip-Hop, but I've also been getting into EDM recently. Aside from that I like to do a lot of sports(for ex. Tennis, Running, Soccer/Football). I also do Cardistry. It is the art of manipultaing and shuffling playing cards in interesting ways (trust me, it's different from magic ).




Conference Contribution


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