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Qing-Fang Bi

PostDoc with the
Soil Biogeochemistry group, Department Biogeochemical Integration

room: C1.004 (tower)
phone: +49 3641 576238
email: qbi(at)

Research interests | Current Research | Curriculum vitae | Publications

Research Interest:

  • Soil biogeochemical processes
  • Microbial ecology
  • Linking microbial traits to soil carbon cycling

Current Research:

I work on how the controls of microbial activity influence SOM storage and turnover, and further to provide the basis for the evaluation of microbial explicit soil carbon models.

Curriculum vitae:

02.2021-present: PostDoc researcher at Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry,Jena, Germany

07.2020-01.2021: Scientist at Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

09.2014-06.2020: Ph.D. in Plant nutrition (Emphasis: Soil Microbial Ecology), Zhejiang University, China.

11.2018-11.2019: Joint training PhD in Biology, University of Vienna, Austria

09.2015-10.2018: Joint training PhD in Environment Science, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Thesis: 'Different fertilization modes and cultivation years affect soil phosphorus availability and carbon-nitrogen-phosphorus coupling transformations and their microbial mechanisms'

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Xian-Yong Lin, Prof. Dr. Yong-Guan Zhu, Prof. Dr. Andreas Richter

09.2010-06.2014: B.A., in Agricultural Resources and Environment, Zhejiang University, China

Peer-reviewed publication


Jin, B. J., Bi, Q.F., Li K.J., Yu, Q.G., Ni, L., Lin, X.Y., Zhu, Y.G. (2022). Long-term combined application of chemical fertilizers and organic manure shapes the gut microbial diversity and functional community structures of earthworms Applied Soil Ecology.

Zhang M., Jin, B. J., Bi, Q.F., Li K.J., Sun C.L., Lin, X.Y., Zhu, Y.G. (2022). Variations of earthworm gut bacterial community composition and metabolic functions in coastal upland soil along a 700-year reclamation chronosequence Science of The Total Environment.

Bi, Q.F., Jin, B. J., Zhu, D., Jiang, Y. G., Zheng, B. X., O'Connor, P., A, Richter., Lin, X.Y., Zhu, Y.G. (2021). How can fertilization regimes and durations shape earthworm gut microbiota in a long-term field experiment? Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.

Zheng, F#., Bi, Q.F#., Giles, M., Neilson, R., Chen, Q.L., Lin, X.Y., Zhu, Y.G. and Yang, X.R. (2021). Fates of antibiotic resistance genes in the gut microbiota from different soil fauna under long term fertilization. Environmental Science & Technology.


Li, H., Bi, Q.F., Yang, K., bo Lasson, S., Zheng, B., Cui, L., Zhu, Y. and Ding, K. (2020). High starter phosphorus fertilization facilitates soil phosphorus turnover by promoting microbial functional interaction in an arable soil. Journal of Environmental Sciences.

Zhou, W.W., Lv, T., Hu, Y., Liu, W., Bi, Q.F., Jin, C.W., Lu, L.L. and Lin, X.Y. (2020). Effect of nitrogen limitation on antioxidant qualities is highly associated with genotypes of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.). Pedosphere.

Zheng, F., Zhu, D., Chen, Q.L., Bi, Q.F., Yang, X.R., O'Connor, P. and Zhu, Y.G. (2020). The driving factors of nematode gut microbiota under long-term fertilization. FEMS microbiology ecology.

Bi, Q.F#., Li, K.J#., Zheng, B.X., Liu, X.P., Li, H.Z., Jin, B.J., Ding, K., Yang, X.R., Lin, X.Y. and Zhu, Y.G. (2020). Partial replacement of inorganic phosphorus (P) by organic manure reshapes phosphate mobilizing bacterial community and promotes P bioavailability in a paddy soil. Science of The Total Environment.


Zheng, B.X., Zhao, Y., Bi, Q.F., Zhou, G.W., Wang, H.J., Hao, X.L. and Ding, K. (2019). How to disentangle microbially functional complexity: an insight from the network analysis of C, N, P and S cycling genes. Science Bulletin.

Liu, X.P#., Bi, Q.F#., Qiu, L.L., Li, K.J., Yang, X.R. and Lin, X.Y. (2019). Increased risk of phosphorus and metal leaching from paddy soils after excessive manure application: Insights from a mesocosm study. Science of The Total Environment.

Li, H.Z., Bi, Q.F., Yang, K., Zheng, B.X., Pu, Q. and Cui, L. (2019). D2O-isotope-labeling approach to probing phosphate-solubilizing bacteria in complex soil communities by single-cell Raman spectroscopy. Analytical chemistry.


Zheng, B.X., Ibrahim, M., Zhang, D.P., Bi, Q.F., Li, H.Z., Zhou, G.W., Ding, K., Peñuelas, J., Zhu, Y.G. and Yang, X.R. (2018). Identification and characterization of inorganic-phosphate-solubilizing bacteria from agricultural fields with a rapid isolation method. AMB express.

Bi, Q.F#., Zheng, B.X#., Lin, X.Y., Li, K.J., Liu, X.P., Hao, X.L., Zhang, H., Zhang, J.B., Jaisi, D.P. and Zhu, Y.G. (2018).The microbial cycling of phosphorus on long-term fertilized soil: Insights from phosphate oxygen isotope ratios. Chemical Geology.

Zhu, D., Bi, Q.F., Xiang, Q., Chen, Q.L., Christie, P., Ke, X., Wu, L.H. and Zhu, Y.G. (2018). Trophic predator-prey relationships promote transport of microplastics compared with the single Hypoaspis aculeifer and Folsomia candida. Environmental Pollution.

Sun, D., Bi, Q.F., Li, K., Dai, P., Yu, Y., Zhou, W., Lv, T., Liu, X., Zhu, J., Zhang, Q. and Jin, C. (2018). Significance of temperature and water availability for soil phosphorus transformation and microbial community composition as affected by fertilizer sources. Biology and fertility of soils.

Sun, D., Bi, Q.F., Li, K., Zhu, J., Zhang, Q., Jin, C., Lu, L. and Lin, X. (2018). Effect of soil drying intensity during an experimental drying-rewetting event on nutrient transformation and microbial community composition. Pedosphere.


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Sun, D., Bi, Q.F., Xu, H., Li, K., Liu, X., Zhu, J., Zhang, Q., Jin, C., Lu, L. and Lin, X. (2017). Degree of short-term drying before rewetting regulates the bicarbonate-extractable and enzymatically hydrolyzable soil phosphorus fractions. Geoderma.

Zheng, B.X., Bi, Q.F., Hao, X.L., Zhou, G.W. and Yang, X.R. (2017). Massilia phosphatilytica sp. nov., a phosphate solubilizing bacteria isolated from a long-term fertilized soil. International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology.

Sun, D., Li, K., Bi, Q.F., Zhu, J., Zhang, Q., Jin, C., Lu, L. and Lin, X. (2017). Effects of organic amendment on soil aggregation and microbial community composition during drying-rewetting alternation. Science of the Total Environment.


Chen, Q., Qi, L., Bi, Q.F., Dai, P., Sun, D., Sun, C., Liu, W., Lu, L., Ni, W. and Lin, X. (2015). Comparative effects of 3, 4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) and dicyandiamide (DCD) on ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in a vegetable soil. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Conference Contribution

Bi QF, Lin XY, Wanek W, Zhang SS, Canarini A, Richter A, Zhu YG. Microbial and abiotic interactions driven higher microbial anabolism on organic carbon accumulation during 2000 years of paddy soil development in the Yangtze River Delta, China. EGU General Assembly Conference 2020. 12665. Sharing online

Bi QF, Richter A, Lin XY, Zhu YG. Functional diversity and dynamics of microbial communities in soil profiles along a 2000-year paddy soil chronosequence. EGU General Assembly Conference 2019. 21, 1-1. 1. Vienna, Austria. Oral

Bi QF, Cui L, Lin XY, Zhu YG. Response of soil phoD and pqqC genes communities to long-term application of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer with reduced phosphorus fertilizer”. the 6th Symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants (PSP6), 10th-13th of September 2018, University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. Poster.

Bi QF, Zheng BX, Lin XY, Zhu YG. Soil phosphorus microbial turnover processes and new technologies. Soil-plant-microbial phosphorus activation and utilization research seminar, 17th of November 2017, China Agricultural University, Beijing, China. Oral, Invited.

Bi QF, Zheng BX, Lin XY, Zhu YG. The microbial cycling of phosphorus on long-term fertilized soil: Insights from phosphate oxygen isotope ratios. the 20th International Symposium on Environmental Microbiology, 10th of November, 2017, Chinese Society for Microbiology, Hangzhou, China. Oral.

Bi QF, Zheng BX, Jaisi D, Lin XY, Zhu YG. Long-term Balanced Fertilization Improved: The Mobilization of Soil Phosphorus Revealed by Oxygen Isotopes in Phosphate. “Isocycles 2017” conference, 15th-20th of October, 2017, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Ascona, Switzerland. Poster.

Bi QF, Zheng BX, Lin XY, Zhu YG. Long-term fertilization improved the Pi pool mobilization unraveling by oxygen-18 isotopic phosphate. the 19th International Symposium on Environmental Microbiology, 11th of November, 2016, Chinese Society for Microbiology, Chongqing, China. Poster.

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