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Vicente Burchard

PhD student
room: C3.002b
phone: +34.655.6161.82
email: vlevine(at)

Research project

The focus of my doctoral project centers on the relationship between vegetation water status and fluxes over Tree-Grass ecosystems using remote sensing techniques. This includes investigating the use of thermal infrared data and a two-source energy balance model (TSEB) to simulate energy and water fluxes. The main objectives during my time in MPI-BGI are to evaluate the partitioning between transpiration and soil evaporation from model simulations and to adapt TSEB to take into account the unique structural and physical characteristics of a Tree-Grass ecosystem.

My thesis work is conducted in context of the TRuStEE Project (Training on Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Modeling) - Horizon 2020 ITN Marie-Curie fellowship


Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain

Ph.D. in Geo-Information Technologies, 2017-

Thesis title: 'Monitoring seasonal changes in Plant Traits from the combination of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2-time series analysis: exploring the relationship between vegetation water status and water fluxes' ; Supervisors: Pilar Martin, Hector Nieto, David Riano

KU Leuven & Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Leuven/Brussels, Belgium

MSc. in Water Resources Engineering, 2015-2017

Thesis title: "Mapping Evapotranspiration using a Remote Sensing Surface Energy Balance Method and a Global Weather Dataset for a Data Scarce and Heterogeneous Catchment in Tanzania" ; Supervisors: Ann van Griensven, Hans Komakech

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

BSc. in Physical Geography, 2011-2015

Research assistant in Global HydroLAB group - led by Bernhard Lehner

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