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Yunpeng Luo

PhD student in Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions and Experimentation
room: C1.010
phone: +49 3647 576208

Professional background

• 2015-11 - present PhD student in Max Planck institute for Biogeochemistry

• 2013-9 - 2015-6 Master in Ecology, Northwest A&F University (Thesis: Estimation of nitrous oxide emission in Chinese forests and grasslands)

• 2009-9 - 2013-6 Bachelor in Forestry, Northwest A&F University

My work at BGI

  • I am a PhD students who try to address the scientific questions:How the nutriention (i.e. Nitrogen,Phosphorus) influences on phenology and How the CO2 fertilisation influences on phenology .
  • By extracting vegetation indexes like green chromatic coordinate (GCC) and camera based normalized difference vegetation index (CamNDVI) from repeat digital photographies, combining the data of Gross Primary productivity (GPP), I try to understand how and why the structural and physiological phenology variation under different nutriton status(e.g. no nutrient adding, nitrogen adding, nitrogen&phosphorus addding) in the MANIP(MAnipulation NItrogen and Phosporous) project.
  • Collaborating with QUINCY project, we would like to investigate how the elevated CO2 concentration affects the spring and autumn phenology.

Research Interests:

  • Phenological variation under different nutrient status and elevated CO2 concentration
  • Mechanism of how nutrients and climate influence on phenology and physiology
  • Economic development and environmental change


Luo, Y., El-Madany, T., Ma, X., Nair, R., Jung, M., Weber, U., . . . Migliavacca, M. Nutrients and water availability constrain the seasonality of vegetation activity in a Mediterranean ecosystem. Global Change Biology, doi:10.1111/gcb.15138
Luo Y, El-Madany T, Filippa G et al. (2018) Using Near-Infrared-Enabled Digital Repeat Photography to Track Structural and Physiological Phenology in Mediterranean Tree–Grass Ecosystems. Remote Sensing, 10, 1293.
Luo, Y., Chen, H., Zhu, Q. a., Peng, C., Yang, G., Yang, Y., and Zhang, Y., 2014, Relationship between Air Pollutants and Economic Development of the Provincial Capital Cities in China during the Past Decade: Plos One, v. 9, no. 8.
Li, P., C. Peng, M. Wang, Y. Luo, M. Li, K. Zhang, D. Zhang, and Q. Zhu (2018), Dynamics of vegetation autumn phenology and its response to multiple environmental factors from 1982 to 2012 on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in China, Science of the Total Environment, 637, 855-864.
T.S. El-Madany, M. Reichstein, O. Perez-Priego, A. Carrara, G. Moreno, M. Pilar Martín, J. Pacheco-Labrador, G. Wohlfahrt, H. Nieto, U. Weber, O. Kolle, Y.-P. Luo, N. Carvalhais, M. Migliavacca, Drivers of spatio-temporal variability of carbon dioxide and energy fluxes in a Mediterranean savanna ecosystem, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 262 (2018) 258-278.
Nair, R. K. F., Morris, K. A., Hertel, M., Luo, Y., Moreno, G., Reichstein, M., Migliavacca, M. (2019). N:P stoichiometry and habitat effects on Mediterranean savanna seasonal root dynamics. Biogeosciences, 16(9), 1883-1901. doi:10.5194/bg-16-1883-2019

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