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Monitoring mass and energy fluxes in a manipulated Mediterranean tree-grass Dehesa (Mediterranean Savanna) ecosystem through the integration of ground and satellite data with airborne hyperspectral imagery (DEHESHyrE)

Transnational Access Project funded by EUFAR

Start date: 01-04-2015
End date: 31-07-2015


DEHESHyrE aims to integrate multitemporal/multiscale optical and thermal data to interpret and monitor ecosystem-scale water, carbon and nutrient fluxes in Mediterranean areas with complex vegetation structure; more information available here

Link to Data Exchange Portal

Impressions from campaigns


Lidar scanning of the Eddy Covariance Tower (courtesy of Shaun Levick)


Lidar scanning of the trees

Shaun is collecting LiDAR measurements while Tarek is documenting (August 2015)

The instrument in proximity of the Eddy Covariance tower

Shaun checking the measurements at the sunset

Dehesa in Spring and Summer 2015

Setup for the sapflow measurements

Preparing the chambers for flux measurements

Ina Burjack (MPI-BSY) and Micol Rossini (UNIMIB) are collecting hypespectral measurements in SMANIE

Almost “Simultaneous” Hyperspectral and Flux Measurements in SMANIE (left picture)
Flux measurements with static chambers at the main eddy covariance tower (CEAM) (right picture)

Preparation leaf sampling material

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