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REddyProc package on R-Forge and github

stable version

The current release of the REddyProc package is available through R-Forge. It can be directly installed with typing from the R-console:

   install.packages("REddyProc", repos=c("","@CRAN@"))


   install.packages("REddyProc", repos=c("","@CRAN@"), type="source")

Similarly, for updating to the most recent version (when the package is already installed) use:

   update.packages("REddyProc", repos=c("","@CRAN@"))


   update.packages("REddyProc", repos=c("","@CRAN@"), type="source")

If installing the build directly from R-Forge does not work, or if only an old version of the package gets installed, please make sure that you are using the latest version of R, or install with the source option.

On Windows you may need to install the corresponding RTools before you can install from source.

development version

The source of most recent development versions or older revsions can be downloaded and installed from github.

How-to use the REddyProc package

After installation, load the package with:


Access the help directly in the R-help window or with:


Get an comprehensive view of all help-files by clicking on the 'Index'-Link at the bottom of the help pages or by opening the help pages in a browser:

  browseURL(file.path(path.package("REddyProc"), "html", "00Index.html"))

Test the package by copying the example code from:


Vignettes can be accessed if installed from the build by typing:


A view is also provided at github.

If you run into problems or have comments, please let us and the community now (see FAQ & Contact).

Package development

The source code is made available at via the git revisioning system.

If you interested in helping with the development of the code, please check out the description file in 'inst\DevelopmentNotes.docx'.

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