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Suggestions for Term projects:

Topic 1: Eggeling (1947) Observations on the Ecology of the Budongo Rain Forest, Uganda. PDF Δ

Topic 2: Cherrett (1968) The Foraging Behaviour of Atta cephalotes L. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). PDF Δ

Topic 3: Gilbert (1972) Pollen Feeding and Reproductive Biology of Heliconius Butterflies. PDF Δ

Topic 4: Bawa (1974) Breeding Systems of Tree Species of a Lowland Tropical Community. PDF Δ

Topic 5: Opler et al. (1976) Rainfall as a Factor in the Release, Timing, and Synchronization of Anthesis by Tropical Trees and Shrubs. PDF Δ

Topic 6: Foster (1977) Tachigalia versicolor is a suicidal Neotropical tree. PDF Δ

Topic 7: Erwin (1982) Tropical Forests: Their Richness in Coleoptera and Other Arthropod Species. PDF Δ

Topic 8: Fisher (1982) A Survey of Buttresses and Aerial Roots of Tropical Trees for Presence of Reaction Wood. PDF Δ

Topic 9: Sanchez et al. (1982) Amazon Basin Soils: Management for Continuous Crop Production. PDF Δ

Topic 10: Woodwell et al. (1983) Global Deforestation: Contribution to Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. PDF Δ

Topic 11: Chazdon & Fetcher (1984) Photosynthetic Light Environments in a Lowland Tropical Rain Forest in Costa Rica. PDF Δ

Topic 12: Givnish, Burkhardt, Happel & Weintraub (1984) Carnivory in the Bromeliad Brocchinia reducta, with a Cost/Benefit Model for the GeneralRestriction of Carnivorous Plants to Sunny, Moist, Nutrient-Poor Habitats. PDF Δ

Topic 13: Cracraft (1985) Historical Biogeography and Patterns of Differentiation within the South American Avifauna:Areas of Endemism. PDF Δ

Topic 14: Calder, Wright & Murdiyarso (1986) A Study of Evaporation from tropical rainforest – West Java. PDF Δ

Topic 15: Diamond (1987) Did Komodo dragons evolve to eat pygmy elephants? PDF Δ

Topic 16: Brandani, Hartshorn & Orians (1988) Internal Heterogeneity of Gaps and Species Richness in Costa Rican Tropical Wet Forest. PDF Δ

Topic 17: Clark & Clark (1989) The Role of Physical Damage in the Seedling Mortality Regime of a Neotropical Rain Forest. PDF Δ

Topic 18: Connell & Lowman (1989) Low-Diversity Tropical Rain Forests: Some Possible Mechanisms for Their Existence. PDF Δ

Topic 19: Gartner (1989) Breakage and Regrowth of Piper Species in Rain Forest Understory. PDF Δ

Term paper: Students will work in pairs. They will select an article from those provided and base their term paper on it. They have to summarize the article (1 page) and they have to write a paper in which they develop a discussion regarding how the article has influenced our knowledge of tropical forest ecology as well as further research on the topic based on current literature (5-10 pages double-spaced). Must include properly cited references, including several recent references. A reference list of papers cited needs to be attached at the end of term paper.

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