Major research themes and projects in the Department

Plant Carbon Allocation

How do plants allocate fixed C to respiration, defense, growth and storage, and how do those patterns change with climate, CO2, or disturbance?

Lab ExperimentsField ExperimentsTracer Studies
Plant Allocation GroupTACAPE? 

Soil Organic Matter

What processes control the age of carbon in soils and what is the role of recycling in soil C stabilization and dynamics?

TraceField ExperimentsLandscape
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How does the identify of biota link to biogeochemical cycling?

Jena ExperimentAquaDivaGas MetabolomicsExploratories
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Landscape scale processes

How do processes operating at larger scales such as fire, land use or wind throw affect biogeochemical cycles ?

Vegetation StuctureTanguro FluxSAWI
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