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Fundación Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo (CEAM)

Organization short name: Fundación CEAM
acronym: CEAM
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Description of the organization

Fundación CEAM was created in 1991 to address specific environmental research areas in the Mediterranean Basin by the Spanish government. CEAM is European leader on air pollution dynamics in the Mediterranean Basin, and operates the EUropean PHOto REactor (EUPHORE), the largest simulation chamber facility in the world for atmospheric chemistry. The Foundation is involved in other programmes like meteorology of serious environmental hazards (high winds, torrential rains), evaluation of air pollution effects on vegetation, land-cover reclamation after wildfires, and desertification. Fundación CEAM regularly advises Spanish government and the EU Commission on air pollution, desertification and climate change issues and is playing a key role in contributing to IPCC and the groups of the UNECE CLRTAP and the UNFCCC.

Expertise and experience of the organization

The Air Pollution Effects Laboratory has large experience on CO2 and Energy flux and nitrogen deposition measurements by different approaches. The lab co-ordinates all flux activities for CARBOEUROPE-IP and NITROEUROPE-IP in Spain. Involved in CIRCE-IP project, Fundación CEAM regularly advises policy makers and has frequent contacts with media and the broad public.

Selected reference projects

Key scientific / technical personnel

Dr. Arnaud Carrara, Research Scientist, responsible for carbon cycle group within the “Air Pollution Effects” Department, involved in several EU Projects. Represented the Univ. of Antwerp (UIA) team in CARBOEUROFLUX (FP5). Expert in eddy covariance measurement, including data treatment and analysis. Expert in ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of CO2 and H2O. Collaborations with modelers (ecophysiologists) and soil scientists.
Dr. Cristina Gimeno is a Research Scientist at Fundación CEAM since 1999 with expertise on ecophysiology, soil respiration and nitrogen deposition.
Dr. Maria-Jose Sanz, is a Research Scientist, Head of the Lab “Air Pollution Effects”, with expertise in the biological uptake and ecophysiological effects of trace gases, nitrogen deposition. Research line leader in several European projects. As a member of the Spanish delegation she is participating in the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol negotiation since 2000 leading with LULUCF issues. IPCC lead author and Programme Officer of the Adaptation, Technology and Science Programme from the UNFCCC Secretariat, since august 2007.
Ramón Lopez, Industrial Engineeer Technician, electronic, communications systems and software development expert. Extensive experience in micrometeorological measurements and data acquisition systems. Has participated in many EU (and other) projects.
Jose V Chorda, Environmental Sciences Technician, with several years of experience participating in EU (and other) Projects. Involved in UNFCCC negotiations, member of the EU-LULUCF Expert Group.

Responsibilities in CARBO-Extreme

  • Network of Ecosystem Manipulation Experiments (WP2)

Selected recent relevant publications

Canadell JG, Kirschbaum M, Schlamadinger B, Kurz WA, Sanz M-J, Yamagata Y, Freibauer A, Factoring out Natural, Indirect and Direct Human-Induced Effects on Terrestrial Carbon Sources and Sinks. Environmental Science and Policy, 10:370-384, 2007. link to publisher

Gilmanov TG, ... , Gimeno C, ... Sanz MJ, et al., Partitioning European grassland net ecosystem CO2 exchange into gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration using light response function analysis. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 121, 93-120 , 2007. link to publisher

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