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Description of the organization

The National Research Council (CNR) is a public organization; its duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country. CNR is distributed all over Italy through a network of institutes aiming at promoting a wide diffusion of its competences throughout the national territory and at facilitating contacts and cooperation with local firms and organizations.

Expertise and experience of the organization

The Istituto di Biometeorologia (IBIMET) is an Institute of CNR. With more than 60 scientist, the activity ranges from climatology to sustainability. The main activity of the group involved (Atmosphere-Biosphere Group) deals with atmospheric monitoring and flux measurements using a range of different techniques. Airborne measurements and remote sensing are also part of the expertises of the group. IBIMET has a long history of participation in European Research Programs, is the seat of the Italian IGBP Secretariat and is one of the Specialised Centre for Agrometeorology and Remote Sensing for the Mediterranean Region. IBIMET has on-going research contracts with CGIAR, WMO and ESA. It is a member of NAERS and collaborates extensively with airborne programs of NOAA-ATDD and of the San Diego State University.

Selected reference projects

Key scientific / technical personnel

Franco Miglietta PhD, Senior scientist, 1998-present Science Director, CNR, Firenze, has been working in agricultural research since the early 80s with specialisation in crop and ecological modelling, impact of climatic changes on crops and forests, coordinator (EU-MIND, MEDEFLU) and participant in many EU projects (Cropchange, MAPLE,BERI, Megarich, POPFACE) and the CarboEurope initiative, he collaborates with major national and international institutions and programmes in the area of Global Change. He has been the national IGBP Representative of Italy and the EUFAR-SAC Commitee Chairman.
Beniamino Gioli, scientist, expert in fluid dynamic modelling and application, ranging from the design of CO2 fumigation systems to research on atmopsheric turbulence modelling.
Alessandro Zaldei, field assistant at IBIMET-CNR, expert in technological development and collaborator in the major efforts of the laboratory for the implementation of the FACE facilities installed in many European countries and India.

Responsibilities in CARBO-Extreme

  • Network of Ecosystem Manipulation Experiments (WP2)

Selected recent relevant publications

Reichstein M, …, Miglietta F, …, Reduction of ecosystem productivity and respiration during the European summer 2003 climate anomaly : a joint flux tower, remote sensing and modelling analysis. Global Change Biology 13(3), 634-651, 2007. link to publisher

Jarvis P, …, Miglietta F', …, Drying and wetting of Mediterranean soils stimulates decomposition and carbon dioxide emission : the "Birch effect". Tree Physiology 27(7), 929-940, 2007. link to publisher

Miglietta F, Gioli B, Hutjes RWA, Reichstein M, Net regional ecosystem CO2 exchange from airborne and ground-based eddy covariance, land-use maps and weather observations. Global Change Biology 13(3), 548-560, 2007. link to publisher

Perez-Landa G, … Gioli B, Miglietta F, …, Mesoscale circulations over complex terrain in the Valencia coastal region, Spain - Part 2 : Modeling CO2 transport using idealized surface fluxes. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 7(7), 1851-1868, 2007. link to publisher

Morin X, …Miglietta F''', … , Variation in cold hardiness and carbohydrate concentration from dormancy induction to bud burst among provenances of three European oak species. Tree Physiology 27(6), 817-825, 2007. link to publisher