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Institutul de Cercetari si Amenajari Silvice

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Description of the organization

The Forest Research and Management Institute (Institutul de Cercetare si Amenajare Silvice - ICAS) is a governmental institution in charge of both forest research, national forest inventory and the preparation of the forest management plans. It supervises the implementation of new technologies in the public and private forestry sectors, in order to assure sustainable management of Romanian forest.

Expertise and experience of the organization

The research activities are structured to focus on strategic directions to promote competitiveness, ensure forest sustainability and grow opportunities through research. Research fields cover silvo-genetics, pedology, biometry and growth modelling, pollution impacts, remote-sensing, entomology. A high-tech laboratory of dendrochronology was recently founded, which is in tight relations with foreign labs and contributes to the International Tree-Ring DataBase. The Institute, founded in 1933, is a member of many international organizations such as IUFRO, EFI, EARSeL (European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories).

Selected reference projects

  • LIFE Nature - Restoration Forest Habitats from Pietrosul Rodnei Biosphere Reserve. (2003 NAT / RO / 00027 REV).
  • EEC 2152/2003 Forest Focus regulation – Reporting requirements for Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) under the Kyoto Protocol and Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) under the UNFCCC.
  • USDA Forest Service International Programs - Long-term Effects of Air Pollution on Selected Forest Ecosystems in the Retezat National Park (project 00 – JV – 11272172 – 035 – Cooperation Romania - USDA – Forest Service).
  • FP5 extension - Ash for the future: defining European Ash population for conservation and regeneration (FRAXINAS – project FP 5extension of FRAXIGEN to NSA countries – EVK 2 – 2001 - 0058).

Key scientific / technical personnel

Dr. Oliver Bouriaud is a research scientist expert in dendro-ecology. He is focusing on the impacts of global changes on the forest productivity and carbon balance. He has been working in numerous prestigious institutes over the world (INRA, France; EFI, Finland; CFS, Canada) and has a long experience in international cooperation.

Responsibilities in CARBO-Extreme

  • Long Term Carbon Measurements and Climate (WP3)

Selected recent relevant publications

Bouriaud O, Popa I, Comparative dendroclimatical study of Scots pine, Norway spruce and Silver fir in a Vrancea Moutains, Eastern Carpathian. Trees - Structure and Function, 23(1), 95–106, 2009.

Davi H, Bouriaud O, Dufrêne E et al., Effect of aggregating spatial parameters on modelling carbon and water fluxes in forest ecosystems. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 139, 269-287, 2006.

Bouriaud O, Bréda N, Dupouey J-L, Granier A, Is ring width a reliable proxy for stem biomass increment? A case study in European beech. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 35 (12), 2920-2933, 2005

Bouriaud O, Leban J-M, Bert D, Deleuze C, Intra annual wood density variations in Picea abies (K.) in relation to climate and growth rate. Tree Physiology, 25 (6): 651-660, 2005.