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GeoBiosphere Science Centre, Physical Geography and Ecosystems Analysis

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Description of the organization

Recently established the GeoBiosphere Science Centre at Lund University is concerned with issues relating to the development of a predictive understanding of the impacts of changes in climate and atmospheric composition on terrestrial ecosystems and the feedback mechanisms on climate that may arise from these ecosystem processes. The Centre is merging and building on several strong research groups represented by the co-applicants in Lund all concerned with ecosystem/atmosphere interaction studies.

Expertise and experience of the organization

The proposing group from ULUND has in recent years been involved in several experimental manipulation experiments simulating climate and environmental change in northern environments. The group furthermore has in-house close contact with associated modeling activities coupled to global dynamic vegetation modeling. The group is currently operating permafrost simulation facilities in the laboratory and in the field and has four operational field sites for monitoring of land-atmosphere interactions in northern Sweden and both low and high arctic Greenland.

Selected reference projects

Key scientific / technical personnel

Prof. Christensen has 17 yr research experience on CO2 and methane exchanges between high latitude ecosystems and the atmosphere and has published 60+ articles.
Prof. Lindroth has over 20 yr experience in ecosystem atmosphere exchange studies.
Prof. Sykes leads the Lund contribution to the LPJ ecosystem modeling consortium.

Responsibilities in CARBO-Extreme

  • Network of Ecosystem Manipulation Experiments (WP2)

Selected recent relevant publications

Meltofte H, Christensen TR et al. (Eds). High-Arctic Ecosystem Dynamics in a Changing Climate. Advances in Ecological Research 40, 1-563, 2008. link to publisher

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Christensen TR et al., Thawing sub-arctic permafrost: effects on vegetation and methane emissions. Geophysical Research Letters 31, L04501, 2004. link to publisher