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Data Exchange Portal (spatiotemporal observations, continental model runs)

Link to Data Exchange Portal

The Data Exchange Portal allows project related data downloads and uploads.
Everyone including project members must register in order to download or upload files. One benefit of the registration is that users will be notified in case one of the files they have downloaded is updated.
Project members are automatically recognized after registration.

Public files are freely available for everyone.
Other files are freely available for project members and available upon request for others.

You will have to accept the data usage agreement before downloading data.

Site level data

Link to site level data portal

where data acquired in the context of the project are shared and distributed. This database contains site level data, EMEĀ“s data, INFUSION (a Model Data Fusion exercise in the context of the CarboExtreme project where sites data are used in model development and parameterization) and other CARBO-Extreme data such as crop yield data, or tree rings width and wood density. All the interested people are invited to check what is available, register and download the Carbo-Extreme data.