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Hesse forest (Site Hesse-2)

Forest (for more than 20 years)

48° 40' 27" N
7° 03' 53" E
305 m asl

Site description

The Hesse forest belongs to the state and is managed by the French forest service. Its area is 450 ha. It is surrounded by crops (mainly maïze and winter wheat) and grasslands. The experimental plots Hesse-1 and Hesse-2 are located in the middle of the forest. The main site Hesse-1, which is a pure beech stand equipped with an eddy flux tower is working since 1996; data are available on the Carboeurope-IP data base. Measurements at the Hesse-2 mixed stand started in 2001.


Young mixed deciduous forest originating from natural regeneration. Age ca. 15-20 yr-old. Dominant species European beech (fagus sylvatica). Accompaning tree species: hornbeam (carpinus betulus), sessile oak (quercus petraea), pedunculate oak (quercus robur), silver birch (betula pendula), wild cherry (prunus avium), goat willow (salix capraea), trembling aspen (populus tremula).


The soil is a neoluvisol redoxisol mesosaturated, with a clay-enriched layer at ca. 50 cm depth. Texture: 0 to 50 cm: 20% clay, 70% silt, 10% sand; 50 to 120 cm: 30-40% clay, 30-40% silt, 10-20% sand.


Sap flow, soil water content, soil water potential, leaf water potential, tree growth, 18O, 2H and 13C isotopes in soil and plant. Measurement frequency is not yet decided.

Planned treatments within the CARBO-Extreme project

  • Soil drought, by implementing rainfall exclusion.

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Hesse rainfall exclusion a Hesse rainfall exclusion b Hesse rainfall exclusion c

The Hesse forest rainfall exclusion experiment : a) digging the surrounding trenches; b) the roof and lateral protections against rainfall; c: general view in spring showing the 3 scaffolding towers.


André Granier :
Bernard Longdoz:

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