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Main idea & motivation of the project

So far the impacts of climate variability and weather extremes have not been accounted for in the considerations of the future evolution, and vulnerability, of terrestrial carbon sinks.

Another crucial unknown in the terrestrial carbon cycle is the response of soil carbon to increasing temperature. There now are strong indications that temperature may not be the most important factor when other factors become limiting, such as water and substrate availability.

Our understanding and thus ability to predict effects of climate variability and extreme events on the terrestrial carbon cycle has so far been hampered by too little integration of experimental data. In particular it is important to integrate different observational quantities that yield information at different time-scales of variability.

Models are usually parameterized with data under normal conditions, resulting in parameterization that may not be valid under extreme conditions. Hence, there is strong need for integrated multi-data-model fusion approaches in the context of carbon cycling from short-term to centennial scales including extreme conditions.

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