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Calibration Equipment

  • Bath cryostat (HAAKE C41/N6) for calibration of temperature sensors, the temperature range is -40 to 150 °C, the bath volume is 15 l
  • Temperature and humidity chamber (ESPEC, PSL-2K), the temperature range is -70 to 150 °C, the humidity range is 20 to 98 % relative humidity (minimum dew point temperature is 0 °C), the chamber volume is 306 l.
  • Climate and elevation simulation chamber (SIEMENS, CH3030), the temperature range is -30 to 50 °C, the humidity range is 10 to 95 % relative humidity (minimum dew point temperature is -10 °C), the pressure range is 400 to 1200 hPa, the chamber volume is 300 l. The chamber features 8 gas inlet/outlet lines and a variety of pressure tight electrical connectors.
  • Reference instrument for temperature: precision RTD thermometer DP251 (OMEGA)
  • Reference instrument for humidity: DEWMET cooled mirror dewpointmeter (MICHELL INSTRUMENTS)
  • Reference instrument for pressure: precision pressure indicator DPI740 (DRUCK)
  • PC based control of calibration devices and reference instruments to carry out automated calibration cycles for a variety of sensors using different data acquisition systems connected to the PC
  • Salt chamber calibration set for capacitive humidity sensors (VAISALA)
  • Dew point generator (LICOR, LI610)