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8. Meetinge of MPI's electronics developers - 30.05. ‒ 01.06.2015

Tasks and Activities of the Electronic Workshop

  • Electrical and electronic assistance to scientists in conception and construction during assembly of experimental setups
  • Support on selection and orders of electrical and electronic components
  • Development as well as design and draught of electronic circuits
  • Layout of circuit boards
  • Adaptation of sensors and actuators, signal coversion/conditioning?
  • Construction of special sampling- and measurement devices and electrical or electronic equipment for scientists and central services
  • Programming of programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • Production of enclosures and electro-mechanical components
  • Assistance in equipping surveillance containers and monitoring stations
  • Maintainance and repair of diverse components, assemblies and devices (incl. HF and HV)
  • Maintainance and repair of accumulators, power supplies, generators and engines
  • Soldering
  • Preparation of documentations (incl. CAD drawings)
  • Temporary loan of electrical or electronic devices
  • Support of IT with the repair of hardware