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Tasks and Activities of the Mechanic Workshop

Technical advisory and support in procurement and construction

  • We assist you with the proper configuration, conception and manufacturable construction of your experimental setup and manufacture of special equipment, for that we use the construction program Inventor (Version 12)

Fabrication of individual parts, components, machine parts, apparatus and experiment setups

  • Manufacturing and assembly of mechanic parts, apparatus and experiment setups
  • Purchasing of norm parts and material
  • Cut-to-size of semi-finished products (profiles, sheets, pipes, films, etc.)
  • Conventional production of turned and milled parts
  • Milling and turning with CNC controlled machines
  • Welding and soldering (WIG, electric welding and resistance spot welding
  • Bending and heat treatment of metals
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Professional planning, advice and precise implementation of wood working and plastics processing
  • Sandblasting
  • Lacquering, painting, coating
  • Lending of tools to staff members