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We contribute to the understanding of how living organisms – including humans - exchange fundamental resources like water, carbon, nitrogen and energy with their environment, and how this affects and responds to global climate and environmental change.


Increase in global CO2 emissions has slowed down
December 11, 2019
The annual global carbon budget was published for 2019. Sönke Zaehle and Christian Rödenbeck of MPI-BGC were involved. more

Markus Reichstein receives Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize
December 05, 2019
For his research on the interactions between climate and biosphere, Prof. Markus Reichstein was awarded by the DFG with the most highly endowed research prize in Germany. more

Anthropogenic activities lead to record breaking greenhouse gas concentration, as evidenced by isotope measurements
November 28, 2019
Isotope measurements, performed substantially in our institute, confirm the dominant role of fossil fuel combustion in increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 more

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Recent Publications

Revisiting the great Ordovician diversification of land plants: Recent data and perspectives
Servais, T., Cascales-Miñana, B., Cleal, C. J., Gerrienne, P., Harper, D. A. T., Neumann, M. (2019) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 534, 109280. doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2019.109280.

Aerosol measurement methods to quantify spore emissions from fungi and cryptogamic covers in the Amazon
Löbs, N., Barbosa, C. G. G., Brill, S., Walter, D., Ditas, F., de Sá, M. O., de Araújo, A. C., de Oliveira, L. R., Godoi, R. H. M., Wolff, S., Piepenbring, M., Kesselmeier, J., Artaxo, P., Andreae, M. O., Pöschl, U., Pöhlker, C., Weber, B. (2020) Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 13, 153-164. doi:10.5194/amt-13-153-2020.

The climate change mitigation effect of bioenergy from sustainably managed forests in Central Europe
Schulze, E. D., Sierra, C., Egenolf, V., Woerdehoff, R., Irslinger, R., Baldamus, C., Stupak, I., Spellman, H. (in press) GCB Bioenergy. doi:10.1111/gcbb.12672.

Tree crowns as meeting points of diversity generating mechanisms – a test with epiphytic lichens in a temperate forest
Patzak, R., Richter, R., Engelmann, R., Wirth, C. (in press) bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/2020.01.03.894303.

Flood-pulse disturbances as a threat for long-living Amazonian trees
Resende, A. F., Piedade, M. T. F., Feitosa, Y. O., Andrade, V. H. F., Trumbore, S. E., Durgante, F. M., Macedo, M. O., Schöngart, J. (in press) bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/2019.12.18.872598.

Metagenomic- and cultivation-based exploration of anaerobic chloroform biotransformation in hypersaline sediments as natural source of chloromethanes
Peng, P., Lu, Y., Bosma, T. N. P., Nijenhuis, I., Nijsse, B., Shetty, S. A., Ruecker, A., Umanetc, A., Ramiro-Garcia, J., Kappler, A., Sipkema, D., Smidt, H., Atashgahi, S. (in press) bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/858480.

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Biogeochemical Processes (Trumbore)
Biogeochemical Integration (Reichstein)
Biogeochemical Systems (N.N.)

Research Groups

Molecular Biogeochemistry (Gleixner)
Organic Paleobiogeochemistry (Hallmann)
Biospheric Theory & Modeling (Kleidon)
Hydrology-Biosphere-Climate (Orth)
Carbon Balance & Ecosystems (Schulze)
Theoretical Ecosystem Ecology (Sierra)
Functional Biogeography (Wirth & Kattge)
Terrestrial Biosphere Modelling (Zaehle)

Video and Audio

The Jena Experiment (video)
Klima - der Kohlenstoffkreislauf (video)

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Future Events

Forsche Schüler am MPI-BGC
March 26, 2020

September 15 - September 17, 2020

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January 23, 2020
2:00 pm internal seminar
Michael Rzanny
(Reichstein department)
t. b. a.

David Walter
(Trumbore department)
Research data management - experiences and considerations at the MPI for Chemistry

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