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Opportunities for joining us

We are generally very open to host interns or guests, or advise students in theses projects. We are very happy to share our insights into thermodynamics and how Earth system processes work, and how these insights can be put into models, help guide data analsis from observations and models. However, we are quite a small group with a limited capacity. So we can only offer such opportunities to those who are really interested in the research and the approaches that we do and have certain skills so that the research stay in our group is productive.

If you are interested in joining our group, we are interested to hear from you! When you write us, please take the following points into consideration.

  • PhD program. Our PhD students at the institute generally go through the International Max Planck Research School on global biogeochemical cycles (IMPRS-gBGC). If you are intersted in getting a PhD, check out their web page first about possibilities and requirements.
  • Funding. Our budget is limited, but on occasion we are able to contribute some funding. Ideally, you would bring your own funds. We are happy to help if you want to apply to fellowship prorams, such as those of the Humboldt foundation or the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Please look at potential programs by yourself.
  • English language. As our group is international in composition, being able to speak and express yourself in English is really important to take part in discussions within the group. So you should be able to express yourself in English in spoken and written form.
  • Quantitative interests. Our research is typically quantitative, predicting phenomena with a combination of math and physics. So it is important that you have some background in these fields.
  • Computing skills. Our research deals a lot with developing models, writing code, using and evaluating model output, running computer models, and performing data analysis. For this, having some computing background in MatLab, R, UNIX or similar is really helpful. Or you need to be highly motivated to learn this by yourself.
  • Geoscience background. Our work deals mostly with Earth system processes, so having a background in the geosciences (specifically meteorology/climatology/hydrology) really helps as you do not need to learn the basic approaches and concepts from scratch.
  • Self motivated. Even though we typically have frequent exchanges and discussions, for progressing in the work and learning how to use certain tools it is important that you are self-motived to do this.
  • Projects. We are quite flexible in terms of potential projects. You can ask us directly about topics that we currently think are cool to do, or you can suggest your own topic.
  • Lab work. We do not do lab work.
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