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We contribute to the understanding of how living organisms – including humans - exchange fundamental resources like water, carbon, nitrogen and energy with their environment, and how this affects and responds to global climate and environmental change.


Widespread increasing vegetation sensitivity to soil moisture
July 11, 2022
The increasing vegetation sensitivity to soil moisture, recently published based on simulations from climate models, is now backed up with observation-based data. more

Ecosystems get increasingly thirsty due to climate change
July 04, 2022
Increasing global temperatures alleviate energy limitations for plants and ecosystems, water increasingly limits their functions. more

Life in the earth’s interior as productive as in some ocean waters
June 30, 2022
Researchers discover microbes in pitch-dark aquifers as important primary producers. more

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Recent Publications

Seamless integration of the coastal ocean in global marine carbon cycle modeling
Mathis, M., Logemann, K., Maerz, J., Lacroix, F., Hagemann, S., Chegini, F., Ramme, L., Ilyina, T., Korn, P., Schrum, C. (in press) Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. doi:10.1029/2021MS002789

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