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Due to the Corona pandemic we unfortunately have to inform you that we are not organizing any school events this year.

Cooperations with Schools - The CarboSchools Project (2008-2010)

Webpage of the European Carboschools project

More information is available on the German language version of this page.

Occupational Orientation

Our institute offers a limited number of academic internships for high school students (from the age of 16 years) in the context of the secondary school curriculum. Please send your application to Susanne Héjja (
We participate at the school-scientist initiative "Forsche Schüler" of the Beutenberg Campus e.V. where school student participate in workshops at the institute. The "Forsche Schüler Tag" is usually in spring on a Thursday before Easter holidays. Announcements will be posted on our start page.


You may visit our exhibit of wood from Thuringian trees and mosaic of construction rocks in the rotunda. Please make an appointment for a guided tour.


On a project day, high school students can learn more about specific research topics. Due to limited capacity, project days must be planned ahead of time. Generally, short-term requests cannot be considered.

MaxWissen - the educational webpage of the Max Planck Society

On the basis of the curriculum, the Max Planck Society has edited scientific topics and outcomes for secondary school students: biomax, geomax and techmax are loose-leafs in the journal Max Planck Research. Check out the max-wissen page for students and teachers. Contributions from our institute (in German):


Here you will find animations on climate research.
These films are part of a DVD series "MaxPlanckCinema" on different research topics. They can be ordered directly from the press office (

Helpful Links

The webpages of the Global Carbon Project offer current and wide-ranging information on carbon and methane budgets as well as pictures and graphics for download.

IPCC is the leading international organisation evaluating global climate change and its impact. You will find reports and summaries especially designed for the lay reader, politicians and stakeholders.
The IPCC Scholarship Programme maintains a Facebook page.

The German IPCC Coordination is the contact for scientists, the government, public authorities, the general public, and the media in all kind of questions related to climate research and climate politics. Here you will find the German documentation and summaries of the most important IPPC reports.

The German Climate Consortium represents the national institutions dealing with climate change and climate change impacts. You will find valuable information on all aspects of climate change, portraits of researchers, expert interviews and a calendar with may national and international climate related events.

The Klimanavigator is a national signpost to climate dossiers, climate news, maps, and information on institutions and collaborations.

School students visiting the institute and learning about the drought stress experiment. (Photo: Susanne Héjja) "Girls Day", a nationwide action day to promote scientific disciplines. School students spend one day at the institute doing experiments. (Photo: Silvana Schott) School students inspecting a soil core. (Photo: Silvana Schott) School students performing a color test at the laboratory. (Photo: Silvana Schott) Girls Day experiment - which gases can we detect from a burning cigarette? (Photo: Silvana Schott)
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