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How Can Artificial Intelligence Enhance Our Understanding of the Earth System?
Markus Reichstein proposes that new methodologies incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence will help to tackle Earth System questions. June 2020
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What Happens to Carbon Dioxide in Plant and Soil Systems?
Susan Trumbore explains the key role of plant and soil systems in the carbon cycle, February 24, 2020.
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Klimawandel: Kriegen wir die Kurve (in German)
Talk by Markus Reichstein at "Herrenhausen extra", October 10, 2019
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Understanding the Earth: A thermodynamic perspective
Talk by Axel Kleidon at IISER Pune, October 16, 2019
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Wie Ökosysteme auf globale Klimaänderungen reagieren (in German)
Talk by Markus Reichstein within the series "Wissenschaft im Sauriersaal" ( Science in the dinosaur's room), Humboldt University Berlin, November 28, 2018
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AquaDiva science movie
Film on the Collaborative Research Centre 1076 AquaDiva, December 2018
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Ambarchik: Research on permafrost at the Siberian Arctic coast
Short film (4:25) on the research station at Ambarchik in Northeastern Siberia, created 01/2018.
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AquaDiva Verbund

Klima - der Atem der Erde
Researchers today understand the Earth's climate system very well. Until recently, however, they had to rely on rough estimates for an important piece of the puzzle: What role do vegetation and soils play in climate change? Markus Reichstein is now able to quantify this crucial question.
Short film from the series MaxPlanckCinema, Science in Film, Vol. 3 (published June 1, 2015)

Permafrost at the coast in Chersky, Northeast Siberia (Photo: Martin Hertel)

Klima - der Kohlenstoffkreislauf
Humans emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide, thus unbalancing the global carbon cycle. This has an impact on the Earth's climate - but also on the oceans and vegetation. (Note: Unfortunately, the schematic representation of the CO2 molecule is wrong, it should be a linear molecule and not angled as shown here by the film makers)
Short film from the series MaxPlanckCinema, Science in Film, Vol. 3 (published June 1, 2015)

Filming with institute director Markus Reichstein in the Hainich National Park (Photo: Susanne Héjja)

What is the role of Eurasian Forests under a warming climate?
Interview with Martin Heimann, June 2016
Latest Thinking

Interview with Martin Heimann
during his research trip to Chersky, Siberia and his meeting with Sergey Zimov in July 2016. The interview is in French.
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Sources of carbon dioxide emissions (

Hainich LiDAR movie
Showing the surface of the critical zone exploratory in the Hainich National Park, Thuringia. Kindly provided by Shaun Levick, June 18, 2016.
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The Jena Experiment
Why do ecosystems need biodiversity? Eulefilm, 2017

iDiv teaser ‘Research’
From our partner, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv), 54 sec

iDiv film on biological diversity
From our partner, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) 05:02 min

Martin Heiman at Latest Thinking


Waldsterben in Thueringen: Sieben Prozent in einem halben Jahr
mdr Thueringen Journal (in German), with Henrik Hartmann and Olaf Kolle (July 1, 2020)
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Die Corona-Pandemie und das Klima
mdr Thueringen Journal (in German), with Markus Reichstein and Armin Jordan (May 17, 2020)
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Tiere und Pflanzen bestimmen per App
mdr um 2, short film about the App „Flora Incognita“ (in German) (April 22, 2020)

Klimaforschung am Beutenberg Campus (in German)
mdr um 4, Beutenberg series, short film with Marion Schrumpf (January 10, 2020) Link

Wissenschaftler demonstrieren mit Schülern (in German)
mdr Thüringen Journal, with Markus Reichstein (April 12, 2019)

Mein Freund, der Baum – wie geht es ihm eigentlich? Und wie geht es unseren Wäldern? (in German)
BR alpha Campus Talk with Henrik Hartmann (February 12, 2019)

Pflanzen-App: Unbekannte Arten mit dem Smartphone bestimmen (in German)
mdr Garten (June 17, 2018)

Dem Klimawandel auf der Spur (in German)
MDR Thüringen Journal, with Mathias Goeckede and Friedemann Reum (March 30, 2018)

Jenaer Forscher untersuchen Folgen des Klimawandels (in German)
MDR Thüringen Journal (February 25, 2018)

Spitzenforschung am Amazonas (in German)
MDR Thüringen Journal (ausgestrahlt am 10. Dezember 2017)

Menschen in Jena: Wissenschaftlerin Susan Trumbore (in German), Jena TV, January 3, 2018

Alte Wälder atmen besser (in German)
by 3sat-nano, short film with Talie Musavi on older and diverse forests and climate variability (published March 21,2017).
Link to 3sat mediathek

Dem Klimawandel auf der Spur (in German)
by MDR Thüringen Journal (published February 26, 2017)

Summer school in Mukhrino close to Khanty-Mansiysk in West Siberia
in Russian language, by Ugra Channel, Russia; Prof. Martin Heimann (start min 07:30) has provided the drone pictures.
Link to TV film clip

Fehler bei Windparks (in German)
by MDR Thüringen Journal, short film with Axel Kleidon on the efficiency of wind parks at large scale (published November 26, 2016)

Cientistas fazem estudo aprofundado do impacto do fogo na floresta
Short film by on the fire experiments at Tanguro in the Amazon, with the participation of Shaun Levick (published September 29, 2016, in Portuguese)

Was der Erdboden übers Klima verrät (in German)
by MDR Thüringen Journal; short film on the occasion of the Thuringian Research Award given to Prof. Dr. Gerd Gleixner (published March 14, 2016)

Ein Leben auf Kosten der Umwelt (in German)
by MDR Thüringen Journal, short film on the occasion of the International Year of Global Understanding with Julia Marshall (published February 02, 2016)

In Jena wird der Klimaschutz überwacht (in German)
by MDR Thüringen Journal, presenting the ICOS Lab (published January 11, 2016)

Jenaer Forscher arbeiten an Beweisführung zum Klimawandel (in German)
by MDR Thüringen Journal (published November 30, 2015)

Artenreiche Wiese: Ein ökologisches Multitalent (in German)
by ARD, W wie Wissen: short film on the Jena Experiment with Markus Lange (published on September 23, 2017)

MDR Thüringen Journal: Filmdreh im Labor. (photo: Susanne Héjja)
Awardee Prof. Dr. Gerd Gleixner (photo: Susanne Héjja)


16 Grad und Vogelzwitschern
Interview with Markus Reichstein within the series 'Zurück zum Thema' by (February 12, 2020) (starting at 09 min 30, in German language)
Link to the podcast

Künstliche Intelligenz erlaubt schnellere Prognosen
Interview with Markus Reichstein within the series 'IQ - Wissenschaft und Forschung' by radio BR2 (January 17, 2019) (starting at 10 min 29, in German language)
Link to Mediathek

Crashkurs Klima
Interview with Markus Reichstein within the hr series 'crash course climate' (air date: December 2, 2018) (starting at 6 min 22, in German language)
Link to Mediathek

Zwischen Fakten und Träumen
Interview with Henrik Hartmann within the BR2 radio series 'IQ-Wissenschaft und Forschung' (air date: November 05, 2018) (in German language)
Link to Mediathek

Der Stahlkoloss im Regenwald - Klimaforschung mit dem ATTO-Turm
From the series 'Dimensions - The World of Science' (air date: January 26., 2015), broadcast by Österreichischer Rundfunk, program Ö1, author: Wolfgang Däuble
Link to the media page of Dr. Jost V. Lavric with the recording.

ATTO-Turm in Brasilianischen Amazonas-Regenwald (Copyright Jürgen Kesselmeier, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie, Mainz)

Dünge-Effekt durch CO2
Interview with Sönke Zaehle at Radioeins; May 21, 2016
Link to radioeins, May 21, 2016

Big Data bei Stengel, Blatt und Blüte
with Jens Kattge and Christian Wirth, from Bavarian Broadcasting, January 2016; starting at 11'37 until 16'23
Link to Mediathek

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