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 January 30, 2014
 Markus Reichstein
(Reichstein department)
Biogeochemical integration: an overview
 March 27, 2014
 Jason Beringer & Lindsay Hutley
Monash University & Charles Darwin University, Australia
Australian savannas: dynamics, processes and responses to anthropogenic change
 March 27, 2014
 Roland W. Scholz
Fraunhofer Project Group Materials Recycling and Resource Strategies IWKS, Alzenau
Losses and efficiencies along the phosphorus cycle
 April 10, 2014
 Ernst-Detlef Schulze
(Emeritus group)
Nature Conservation and Forestry
 April 24, 2014
 Steven C. Wofsy
Harvard University, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Cambridge, USA
Methane emissions in North America, from continental to urban scales: reconsidering the inverse modeling and attribution problems
 May 05, 2014
 Benedikt Fest
University of Melbourne, Australia
The impact of fire disturbance and simulated climate change conditions upon soil methane exchange in eucalypt forests of south-eastern Australia
 May 06, 2014
 Nick Ostle
Lancaster University, UK
Grassland plant diversity controls on soil carbon cycling: Evidence from the UK
 May 08, 2014
 Garry Cook & Anna Richards
CSIRO, Darwin, Australia
The impact of fire management on greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in tropical savannas of northern Australia
 May 14, 2014
 Alessandro Cescatti
Joint Research Center, European Commission
Earth system science at JRC: Data-model integration for robust scientific support to European policies
 June 02, 2014
 Ankur Desai
University of Wisconsin, USA
Is terrestrial methane flux interesting?
 June 12, 2014
 Angelo Finco
Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Brescia, Italy
Ozone fluxes to agricultural and forest ecosystems
 June 26, 2014
 Miquel A. Gonzalez-Meler
University of Illinois, Chicago, USA
Biotic feedbacks alter the response of ecosystems to global environmental change
 July 10, 2014
 Peter Reich
University of Minnesota, USA & University of Western Sydney, Australia
Global change, biodiversity, and the terrestrial biosphere: linking plant traits and biogeochemical processes
 August 13, 2014
 Thomas Kleinen
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg
Modelling natural wetlands from LGM to the Anthropocene
 September 16, 2014
 Ben Booth & Chris Jones
Earth System and Mitigation Science Team, Met Office, Exeter, UK
A model based overview of ar5
 October 09, 2014
 Stefan Wolff
MPI for Chemistry, Mainz
Reactive and non-reactive trace gas measurements in an Amazonian Forest Ecosystem
 October 10, 2014
 Jay Famiglietti
UC Irvine & NASA JPL, Pasadena, USA
Water Cycle Change and Groundwater Depletion from GRACE
 October 23, 2014
 Christian Körner
University of Basel, Switzerland
 November 20, 2014
 Friederike E. L. Otto
University of Oxford, U.K.
Is climate change already taking its toll? - towards real-time event attribution
 November 20, 2014
 Xiaojuan Yang
Oak Ridge National Lab, TN, USA
Incorporation of phosphorus dynamics into CLM
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