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 January 17, 2019
 Ryan Teuling
Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
Climate hydrology in a complex world: From understanding forest impact on climate to predicting future streamflow
 January 31, 2019
 Ansgar Kahmen
University Basel, Switzerland
Response of temperate European trees to drought
 February 14, 2019
 Martin Heimann
(Biogeochemical Systems)
Climate drivers of boreal and arctic greenhouse gas exchanges
 March 28, 2019
 Franziska Guenther
University Duisburg-Essen
Insights into science management
 May 09, 2019
 German Poveda
(National University of Colombia)
Hydrological and climatic linkages between the Andes and the Amazon River basin
 May 23, 2019
 Christiaan van der Tol
University of Twente, Netherlands
Understanding the scaling of processes from photosystem, leaf to canopy level: 10 years of SCOPE modelling
 June 06, 2019
 Huw Groucutt
Extreme events in biological, societal and earth systems
 June 20, 2019
 Hannah Schmid-Petri
University of Passau, Germany
Complex, invisible, abstract: Key challenges in communicating climate change
 July 04, 2019
 David Adams
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Tropical deep convection is closely tied to total precipitable, or column, water vapor (PWV)
 July 18, 2019
 Ana Bastos
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany
Extreme summers and the European carbon-cycle
 August 29, 2019
 Murray Moinester
Tel Aviv University, Israel
Sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide as inorganic carbon under semi-arid forests
 September 13, 2019
 Daniel Kneeshaw
(Canada, Centre for forest research: UQAM)
Droughts, insect outbreaks and extreme heat: Do Canadian forests have a chance in the face of climate change
 October 30, 2019
 Matthias Forkel
TU Dresden
Earth observations to reappraise global vegetation-fire interactions
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