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 April 10, 2011
 Prosenjit Ghosh
Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
Role of power generation driving CO2 concentration in an urban atmosphere
 May 14, 2011
 Stefan Dekker
Environmental Sciences, Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Vegetation climate feedbacks: Vegetation optimality and adaptation to climate
 May 19, 2011
 Gionata Biavati
(Heimann department)
Mixed Layer depth retrieval using ceilometers

Dietrich Feist
(Heimann department)
Ground-based remote sensing of greenhouse gases: what we learned from the 2010 Australia campaign
 May 26, 2011
 Michael Hüttner
(Heimann department)
Modelling deforestation for REDD+ cost scenarios

Tara Massad
(Trumbore department)
Recruitment diversity after fire in the southern Amazon and a synthesis of the effects of herbivory on plant performance
 June 09, 2011
 Willi Brand
JRAS: The long way to a new delta-13-C and delta-18-O reference material of CO2 in air for general distribution

Fabian Gans
(Kleidon group)
Modeling radiative entropy exchange in the lower troposphere using ModTran under conditions of climate change and Geo-Engineering (SRM)
 June 21, 2011
 Mathias Göckede
Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA
High-resolution atmospheric inverse CO2 modeling at regional scales: Integrating flux databases and geostatistical approaches
 June 23, 2011
 Chistoph Gerbig
(Heimann department)
On top-down atmospheric budgets of CO in the Amazon basin: can we constrain biomass burning emissions?
 June 30, 2011
 Armin Jordan
ICOS-D (integrated carbon observation system): perspectives in Jena and current status
 July 07, 2011
 Corinna Grigoriu Buendia
(Kleidon group)
Exploring the missing processes contributing to the phosphorus budget of the lowland Amazon ecosystems

Franziska Günther
(Trumbore department)
Reconstruction of Asian Monsoon on the Tibetan Plateau
 September 01, 2011
 Jan Muhr
(Trumbore department)
CO2 emitted from tree stems - what can we learn from measuring it?

Jens Kattge
(Trumbore department)
TRY - a global database of plant traits
 September 08, 2011
 Annette Filges
(Heimann department)
The IAGOS project: using commercial aircraft to measure GHGs, aerosols and cloud particles

Nathaniel Virgo
(Kleidon group)
Thermodynamics and the Structure of Living Systems
 September 29, 2011
 Martin Jung
A simple ecoclimatological metric of water availability & Towards forecasting the state and health of African ecosystems.

Elisabeth Jüschke
Biochar produced by hydrothermal carbonization (Hydrochar) in the system soil/plant/microorganisms: C stabilization or priming?
 October 13, 2011
 Daniela Dalmonech
(Heimann department)
Are global models able to return ecosystem response under climate variability?

Henrik Hartmann
(Trumbore department)
The Kiefernhain turning Fichtenhain - the story continues.
 October 27, 2011
 Myroslava Khomik
Boreal forests - in a category of their own: A look at the relationships between climate and mean residence time of soil organic carbon
 November 03, 2011
 Thijs Koelen
Reichstein group
Improving the water use efficiency in the ecosystem model JSBACH
 November 10, 2011
 Olaf Kolle
(Field experiments and instrumentation)
Ongoing activities of the Freiland Group with particular focus on the ICOS QA/QC action and the comparison of new gas analyzers for eddy covariance measurements

Roberto Kretschmer
(Heimann department)
Uncertainties in top-town estimates of CO2 surface fluxes due to model-data mismatch in vertical mixing
 November 24, 2011
 Anke Hildebrant
(Trumbore department/FSU)
Below canopy distribution of precipitation water in a cloud influenced ecosystem (Oman)

Carolin Seele
(Trumbore department)
The influence of deer browsing on natural forest regeneration
 December 08, 2011
 Jost Lavric
(Heimann department)
Current and future projects of the Tall Tower Atmospheric Gas Measurements group

Miguel Mahecha
(Reichstein group)
Interannual differences in ecosystem-atmosphere fluxes over Europe
 December 22, 2011
 Julia Marshall

Bakr Badawy
(Heimann department)
Quantifying carbon processes of the terrestrial biosphere in a global atmospheric inversion
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