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 January 05, 2012
 Philipp Porada
(Kleidon group)
A Process-based Model of Global Lichen Productivity
 January 19, 2012
 Christian Rödenbeck
(Heimann department)
What Can Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) Tell Us About Photosynthesis?

Ute Karstens
(Heimann department)
Estimation of European CH4 and N2O emissions using a regional-scale atmospheric inversion system
 February 09, 2012
 Ryan Pavlik
(Kleidon group)
The Jena Diversity DGVM: Towards a more diverse representation of the biosphere for earth system modelling
 February 23, 2012
 Carlos Sierra
(Trumbore department)
Theory and Models of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition

Mathias Göckede
(Heimann department)
Analyzing and integrating biosphere-atmosphere exchange processes across multiple scales
 March 08, 2012
 Ulrike Stahl
(Trumbore department)
Whole-plant trait syndromes of North American Forest trees reflect fundamental plant strategies
 March 22, 2012
 Quiang Yu

Grassland Ecosystem Research in Inner Mongolia

Susanne Tautenhahn
(Trumbore department)
Multiple successional pathways after fire in Siberian forests
 April 05, 2012
 Stefany Thiessen
(Reichstein group)
Temperature and priming effects on soil organic matter decomposition in an incubation study
 April 19, 2012
 Gregor Schürmann
(Heimann department)
Development of a Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System: Overview and Current Status
 May 03, 2012
 Enrico Weber
(Trumbore department)
1 year Quasom Outdoor - Experiences and conclusions after one growing season

Nuno Carvalhais
(Reichstein group)
Inverse optimization of JSBACH using multiple constraints and long term observations
 May 14, 2012
 Emi Ito
Limnological Research Center, University of Minnesota, MN, USA
Holocene (hydrologic and) hydrochemical changes of Lake Manitoba, Canada, inferred from ostracode shell chemistry
 May 24, 2012
 Ingo Schöning
(Trumbore department)
Soil carbon storage and land use: A comparison between grasslands and forests

Thomas Wutzler
(Reichstein group)
Conceptual modelling and data integration of soil organic matter decomposition
 July 05, 2012
 Antje Moffat
(Reichstein group)
Characterizing ecosystem responses directly from the data using artificial neural networks
 July 19, 2012
 Martin Kunz
(Heimann department)
The flying gas sensor - towards UAV-based atmospheric measurements

Shaun Levick
(Trumbore department)
From Kruger to Hainich: Deriving spatially explicit understanding of vegetation dynamics from LiDAR
 August 16, 2012

 September 13, 2012
 Gerd Gleixner
(Trumbore department)
DOC matter - where we are

Magdalena Hofmann
(ICOS lab)
Triple oxygen isotope variations in natural and anthropogenic carbon dioxide
 September 20, 2012
 Markus Reichstein
(Reichstein Department)
Department of Biogeochemical Integration - status quo after summer break and 20 days
 September 27, 2012
 Gionata Biavati
(Heimann department)
Uncertainties on Mixing Height from different data sources

Christian Beer
(Reichstein department)
Climate data with reduced variability for artificial model experiments in CARBO-Extreme
 October 19, 2012
 Jana Wäldchen
(Trumbore department)
Changes in forest tree species composition in deciduous forest in Thuringia/Germany and Romania

Vanessa-Nina Roth
(Trumbore department)
Dissolved Organic Matter Along a North South Transect of the Yenisei River
 October 25, 2012
 Daniela Dalmonech
(Heimann Department)
An evaluation of Carbon-processes in the JSBACH land-surface model in half-coupled and offline model configurations
 November 08, 2012
 Carolin Thoms
(Trumbore department)
Variation in the hydrogen isotopic composition of leaf-wax lipids of sun and shadow leaves of beech after summer drought along a tree diversity gradient in a temperate deciduous forest

Altug Ekici
(Reichstein department)
Implementation of cold region processes and vertical carbon dynamics in a terrestrial ecosystem model (JSBACH)
 November 22, 2012
 Christoph Gerbig
(Heimann department)
Recent development within the IAGOS project: towards integrating airliner based GHG observations into data assimilation

Ashish Malik
(Trumbore department)
Importance of microbial soil organic matter processing in dissolved organic carbon production
 December 06, 2012
 Willi Brand
iSAAC; automated analysis of δ13C and δ2H in air-CH4 with a twin Cryo-trap / GC / IRMS system

Dietrich Feist
(Heimann Department)
First results from Ascension Island
 December 20, 2012
 Henrik Hartmann
(Trumbore department)
Double trouble - what happens to trees during induced lethal drought and carbon starvation?

Peter Sperlich
Three short stories on the isotopic composition of atmospheric CH4
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