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 January 10, 2013
 Valerie Schwab-Lavric
(Trumbore department)
Effects of aridity and vegetation on carbon and hydrogen isotope compositions of plant-wax lipids: vegetation gradient in Cameroon and temperature gradient in Argentina
 January 17, 2013
 Christian Hallmann
(Hallmann group)
Emergence and early evolution of the eukaryotes: errors and insights from ultra-clean scientific drilling
 January 24, 2013
 Ute Karstens
(Heimann department)
Developing a parameterization of Radon flux from soils for the application in atmospheric transport models

Jens Kattge
(Trumbore department)
Recent developments on TRY
 February 07, 2013
 Enrico Tomelleri
(Reichstein Department)
Light use efficiency for gross primary production: from ecosystem to global scale
 February 14, 2013
 Daniel Czesanke
(ICOS lab)
Laboratory experiments on cloud microphyics

Martin Jung
(Reichstein department)
Environmental controls and prediction of African vegetation
 February 28, 2013
 Markus Lange
(Trumbore department)
Impact of plant diversity on SOM: results of the 'Jena Experiment' after 10 years
 March 07, 2013
 Tonatiuh Guillermo Nuñez Ramirez
(Heimann department)
Drivers of the Interannual Variability in the Atmospheric Methane Mixing Ratio and Isotopic Composition

Christoph Köstler
(Reichstein department)
Assessing uncertainties in a global carbon cycle data assimilation
 March 21, 2013
 Lee Miller
(Kleidon group)
Opportunities and challenges for wind power research in the future
 April 04, 2013
 Philip Porada
(Kleidon group)
Impacts of lichens and bryophytes on global biogeochemical cycles

Markus Müller
(Trumbore department)
Dynamic transit times and mean ages in reservoirs
 April 18, 2013
 Julia Marshall
(Heimann department)
Work on upcoming satellite missions: MERLIN and CarbonSat

Jan Muhr
(Trumbore department)
The age of CO2 emitted from tree stems
 May 02, 2013
 Christian Rödenbeck
(Heimann department)
Climate-induced variability of the carbon cycle estimated from carbon data
 May 16, 2013
 Marion Schrumpf
(Trumbore department)
Slow forests fast grasslands? A first synthesis of C-dynamics in the Biodiversity Exploratories
 May 30, 2013
 Gregor Schürmann
(Reichstein Department)
Development of the MPI Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System (MPI-CCDAS): Overview and Current Status

Carlos Sierra
(Trumbore department)
Towards a General Model of Soil Organic Matter Decomposition
 June 13, 2013
 Franziska Günther
(Gleixner group)
Lipid biomarker proxies record Indian Ocean Summer monsoon at Nam Co

Andrea Scheibe
(Gleixner group)
How leaf litter diversity influences the microbial community structure in a mixed beech forest
 June 27, 2013
 Ingo Schöning
(Trumbore department)
The effect of land use on the decomposition of soil organic matter in temperate grasslands and forests
 July 11, 2013
 Sönke Zähle
(Reichstein & Heimann Department)
Can Free Air CO2 enrichment experiments constrain carbon-nitrogen interactions modelled by general ecosystem models?

Thomas Wutzler
(Reichstein department)
Modelling Soil organic carbon dynamics
 July 18, 2013
 Arne Leider
(Hallmann group)
Stable isotopes of plant wax derived n-alkanes: A case study along the SE Italian shelf

Lenka Forkelova
(Trumbore department)
Does drought cause changes in peppermint secondary metabolites production?
 September 05, 2013
 Christine Fischer
(Hildebrandt group)
Factors affecting infiltration capacity in a grassland plant diversity experiment

Marcus Guderle
(Hildebrandt group)
Using measured soil water contents to extract information on summer evapotranspiration and root water uptake patterns
 September 12, 2013
 Maik Renner
(Kleidon group)
Optimality approaches to predict evaporation
 September 26, 2013
 Gionata Biavati
(Heimann department)
Mixed layer

Miguel Mahecha
(Reichstein department)
Empirical Inference in the Earth System Group: an Overview
 October 10, 2013
 Jacob Zscheischler
(Reichstein Department)
Extreme events in climate and the carbon cycle

Frank Lanitz
(ICOS lab)
News out of the IT-licenses jungle at BGC -- An introduction into current status, future developments and possible alternatives
 October 24, 2013
 Matthias Forkel
(Reichstein Department)
Reanalyzing the greening earth by integrating multiple satellite observations into a dynamic global vegetation model

Sait Altug Ekici
(Reichstein department)
Process based modelling of permafrost soil physics: evaluation, model inter comparison and future estimates
 November 07, 2013
 Annette Filges
(Heimann department)
Ready to fly?! - Status of the IAGOS-GHG package

Christoph Gerbig
(Heimann department)
Observing system optimization
 November 14, 2013
 Reik Donner
(Reichstein Department)
Event-based analysis of interdependence structures in and between climate and biosphere

Dietrich Feist
(Heimann department)
The Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON): ground based FTIR measurements for satellite validation and more
 November 21, 2013
 Gerd Gleixner
(Trumbore department)
Molecular view on biogeochemical processes

Mathias Göckede
(Heimann department)
Role of scales in permafrost carbon cycle processes - first results from the Chersky experiment
 November 28, 2013
 Axel Kleidon
(Kleidon group)
Limits of biogeochemical cycling in the Earth system
 December 05, 2013
 Henrik Hartmann
(Trumbore department)
Where has all the carbon gone - in search of the missing sink
 December 19, 2013
 Martin Jung
(Reichstein department)
State and progress of FLUXCOM - an ensemble of global data-driven carbon flux products
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