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 January 08, 2015
  Stefan Hanf
Online investigation of respiratory quotients in Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies during drought and shading by means of cavity-enhanced Raman gas spectroscopy

Johannes Meyerholt
(Reichstein department)
Systematic assessment of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) representations in current terrestrial biosphere models
 January 22, 2015
 Talie Musavie
(Reichstein department)
Considerations on a data-driven approach to identify plant’s imprint on ecosystem functioning

Thomas Behrendt
(Trumbore department)
From Reactive Nitrogen to Soil Omics - New Insights Into Biogeochemical Processes
 February 12, 2015
  Min Jung Kwon
(Heimann department)
Impact of hydrology on methane flux patterns in a permafrost-affected floodplain in Northeast Siberia

Ashish Malik
(Trumbore department)
Microbial communities’ fungal:bacterial dominance alters soil carbon cycling
 February 19, 2015
  Gabriela Pereyra
(Trumbore department)
Influence of atmospheric [CO2] on leaf gas exchange in nitrogen-fixing plants

Tonatiuh Guillermo Nuñez Ramirez
(Heimann department)
Inverse modelling of CH4 fluxes using the additional constraints of 13CH4 and C2H6
 February 26, 2015
 Julia Joswig
(Wirth/Kattge group)/(Reichstein department)
The global spectrum of plant form and function

Eric Morgan
(Heimann department)
Air-Sea Exchange and Stoichiometry of Trace Gases and Oxygen in the Benguela Current Region
 March 12, 2015
 Christoph Gerbig
(Heimann department)
The Promise of Regular Airborne GHG Observations

Gerd Gleixner
(Trumbore department)
News and Views from Molecular Biogeochemistry
 March 19, 2015
 Michael Rzanny
(Schulze group)
Trait-based functional groups of grassland arthropods – A tool to scale-up ecological communities

Lenka Forkelova
(Trumbore department)
Carbon investment into peppermint secondary metabolites during drought
 April 02, 2015
  Sonja Kaiser
(Reichstein department)
Process-based modelling of the methane balance in periglacial landscapes
 April 30, 2015
 Tarek El-Madany
(Reichstein department)
Some words about myself, first results from the Las Machadas Eddy Covariance towers and future reseach directions

Norbert Kunert
(Trumbore department)
Partitioning the contribution of size dependent tree transpiration to canopy transpiration and evapotranspiration in an Amazonian old growth forest
 May 21, 2015
 Arne Leider (CANCELLED)
(Hallmann group)
Appraisal of hydrocarbon contamination in geochemical samples using sample bag experiments
 May 28, 2015
 Susan Trumbore
(Trumbore department)
Age and transit time for C in terrestrial ecosystems: from process understanding to global benchmarking
 June 04, 2015
 Franziska Günther
(Trumbore department)
Asian Monsoon Dynamics Recorded in Tibetan Lake Systems by Compound-Specific Isotopes of Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomarkers
 June 11, 2015
 Karel Castro Morales
(Heimann department)
A self-introduction to my bi-polar past and current work

Karoline Henkel
New paleomagnetic secular variation record from Lake Tangra Yumco, Tibetan Plateau.
 July 31, 2015

 September 03, 2015
 Perla Griselle Mellado Vázquez
(Gleixner group)
Plant diversity generates enhanced soil microbial access to recently photosynthesized carbon in the rhizosphere

Arne Leider
(Hallmann group)
Appraisal of hydrocarbon contamination in geochemical samples using sample bag experiments - cancelled
 September 10, 2015
 Mathias Göckede
(Heimann department)
Complex changes in ecosystem properties as a response to artificial drainage in a Siberian permafrost tundra site

Martin Jung
(Reichstein department)
Why is the interannual variability of the global land carbon balance correlated with temperature?
 September 24, 2015
 Andreas Schmalwasser
Mobilization and release of MOM at a groundwater-proximate arable site.

Jannis van Buttlar
(Reichstein department)
Global comparison of extreme event impacts on (atmospheric) ecosystem carbon fluxes
 October 01, 2015
 Matthias Forkel
(Reichstein department)
Constraining vegetation dynamics in a global ecosystem model with multiple satellite observations

Norbert Kunert
(Trumbore department)
How old is the storage carbon used for resprouting ?
 October 08, 2015
 Daniel Marra
The influence of large wind-throws on tree species composition, community dynamics and ecosystem functioning in Amazon forests

Martin Heimann
(Heimann department)
Weather in Jena in its climatological context: an introduction to the Winter Challenge 2015-16
 October 15, 2015
  Christian Rödenbeck
(Heimann department)
What can atmospheric and oceanic observations tell about CO2 flux variability?

Fabian Gans
(Reichstein department)
The Emerging Earth System Data Cube
 October 22, 2015
 Fabio Boschetti
(Heimann department)
Regional Carbon Budgets from Commercial Airliners Greenhouse Gases Measurements

Sebastian Sippel
(Reichstein department)
A novel bias correction methodology for climate impact simulations
 November 05, 2015
 John Kim
(Trumbore department)
Should you consider submitting to Open Access Journals? A primer on Open Access Publishing

Dietrich Feist
(Heimann department)
Rugged optical mirrors - a spinoff product from the Ascension Island measurements
 November 12, 2015
 Axel Kleidon
(Kleidon group)
Physical constraints and land surface-atmosphere interactions

Gregor Schürmann
(Heimann & Reichstein department)
Constraining a land surface model with multiple observations by application of the MPI-Carbon Cycle Data Assimilation System
 November 26, 2015
 Martin Kunz
(Heimann department)
Two months at NOAA in Boulder: Results and impressions

Christine Fischer
(Hildebrandt group)
Effects of biotic and abiotic indices on long term soil moisture data in a grassland biodiversity experiment
 December 10, 2015
  - Winter Break -

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